How To Live A Happy And Successful Life

Author: Ian

Date: March 24, 2016

It took me a good few minutes to cultivate the title to this article. Starting off with Ways To Be Successful, before pummeling backspace and change it to Ways To Be Successful and... I just couldn’t think of another word that coincided with success.

But then it hit me. Happiness. It took my brain several attempts to think of the one thing that we all lust after in our lives; not money, power, new sports cars, staying in luxury hotels and splashing out on expensive clothing. But to be happy.

Psychologists and coaches can teach you happiness to help you to live a more fulfilling life and turn Monday blues into Friday feelings.

But for now, I want you to put your life on pause for the amount of time it takes you to read this article to see if you are really on your way to success and um… erm… oh yeah, happy!

Does Success Lead To Happiness?

How To Live A Happy And Successful Life

The sad reality is that we work hard so that we can have prestigious jobs which pay a substantial amount to buy us everything we’ve only ever dreamed of, to lead us to happiness.

Not for one second do I want to put people in a box and stereotype anyone, but there tend to be two different type of people:

  1. The person who buys something expensive merely because of its cost which then gives them the right to flaunt it in people’s faces.
  2. The person who buys something expensive because they love it. Price didn’t influence their decision. They’d have bought it if it was £1.

As a speaker, you will constantly be confronted with people who want to start their own business, get better grades, understand marketing, get past the obstacles in their life which are holding them back etc.

It’s many people’s understanding that happiness comes from something tangible; whether that’s chosen from the list above, a sports car, a bigger house or a holiday in an exotic country. We’d be lying if we said that money plays no object in how we value our lives and determine how well we’re doing.

In order to become successful we have to understand what success means. The Oxford dictionary defines it as:

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

This definition can be interpreted in many different ways, but what’s important is that we create our own meaning of what it means to be successful.

For example, my partner set up her a business in social media management, advertising and affiliate marketing. If you were to ask her if she believed she was successful, she’d say no. But she admits she’s happy because she turned her hobby into a living.

We can’t conclude that success doesn’t lead to happiness from this one example. When asked why she doesn’t think she’s successful, she immediately compares herself to others in the industry. They make more money… they’re always travelling… they have more Twitter followers.

It’s interesting that even she – a sweet, loving person who doesn’t put money on a pedestal – considers herself not to be successful because she isn’t at the same level as her competitors or doesn’t have the big house and new car to prove it.

Yet, she’s happy. Happy because she wakes up every day knowing that she’s in control of her destiny and gets to do what she loves all the time (and I mean all the time!).

Perhaps she’s happy because she reminds herself that money will not make her happy. People and memories will.

I know people who are the complete opposite; make more money, go on holiday twice a year and own their house, yet look stressed, rarely laugh and don’t have time – more so, don’t make time to be with their family.

They set goals, such as starting their own business and being the top position at their company, but don’t find happiness along the way. They thought that if they had more money and a superior job, contentment was included.

Oh but it wasn’t, because you can’t become truly happy (and not just a smile for a few moments) by purchasing something new. You can however, by repeatedly doing what you love and having gratitude for a healthy life filled with people who love you.

Does Happiness Lead To Success?

How To Live A Happy And Successful Life

I’ve never been as happy with my life as I am now. I have a job I love (and spent many hard years to get to where I am now), an amazing partner, freedom and an incredible family – whom I always make time to see.

My morning routine consists of me opening my eyes and reflecting on everything I’m thankful for. Then I fill my day with things I love.

Some people believe that hard work and determination is what makes you established and rich, but it’s not. Passion and caring about what you do leads to those things.

You won’t have the drive to wake up every morning like I do if you have to do a job you hate. We have so many choices in this world, so select the ones that give you purpose and bring you joy right down to your core, because life is too short to search for wealth.

If you keep doing what you love, then you’ll find that you get a promotion, start a business or move house, because you’re repeatedly doing things that you enjoy.

But if you do the things you hate, or just things for money, because you think you’ll find success and in turn happiness, then you’re not living life to the maximum.

To a certain degree money does buy happiness, but that feeling of contentment when you’re holding a designer handbag doesn’t last when you put it down. Creating positive habits and being grateful for your family and friends lasts a lifetime – even during the low points of your life.