The World of Public Speaking

Author: Frank

Date: July 5, 2015

The World of Speaking is in Your Hands

You only need to search the internet to come up with hundreds of speaker resources. We thought we would highlight some popular ones that we hope you might find interesting.

We know that while public speaking can be very local, we also know that some conference speakers and keynote speakers travel the world speaking to audiences large and small. Toastmasters combines both. Meeting with local speakers is a fantastic way to build your confidence, especially if you are new to speaking in front of audiences. It doesn’t matter how many times you rehears your talk in front of a mirror, the real test comes when you stand behind the lecturn and do it in front of real people.

No Qualifications Needed

graduationThere is no need to join any associations to be a speaker, you can do it without any qualifications at all. However if you do want to join a speaking associations there are many for you to choose from like Nsaspeaker and Thepsa.

Confidence is one of the key factors in becoming a great speaker and lack of it is usually the biggest stumbling block.

What to Speak On

Most people know enough about something to talk about it for an hour, whether it is a hobby you have or a skill you have learned from your employment. And many people have a desire to share their knowlage with other people. Public speaking is one way to do this.

How to Find Speaking Engagements

Take the first stepBegin your speaking career locally. Ask local groups like The WI if you can give a short talk to their members. You may get little or no payment for it but it could be the springboard to a new and lucrative chapter in your life. Talk to your boss about giving a short presentation to your department or your local social club might be a great place to cut your teeth. There are many opportunities to practice and even if you do not do a great presentation you will be able to learn and move on to practice your skills another day.

One challenge for a new speaker is how to actually find people to speak in front of. Posting your profile with Shapiro International will get you noticed and you can even get a professionally edited showreel produced. You can receive speaking requests directly from those looking to hire you and post an outline of your topics for everyone to see.

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