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Shapiro International is not an Employment Agency and we do not promise to get you speaking engagements. We are a site that list professional speakers. Shapiro International is owned by BFN Productions Limited which is a Limited company registered in Scotland.

Shapiro International is not a partner with or to any of the speakers listed on this site.

Shapiro International is not a part of any contract between the speaker or the person/organisation hiring the speaker. For this reason we cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfilment or breach of any such contract by either party.

Any contract entered into is between the speaker and the hirer, and all payments for any booking are made directly to the speaker and not to Shapiro International. No commission is payable to Shapiro International.

All video/audio/text supplied by Artists featured on this site must have full permissions to publish the material by the owners, and not be in breach of copyright laws.

There is a Monthly/Annual fee for speakers to be listed on www.shapirointernational.com. We do not charge anything extra to the speaker nor to any company wishing to hire the speaker. Once payment has been made there is no refund. You can stop the recurring payments at any time however no refund of any portion of the paid yearly fee will be given.

Shapiro International at its sole discretion can refuse new posts, speaker submissions and profiles.

Shapiro International can delete existing posts, submissions and profiles and if it does so will refund the portion of the yearly/monthly subscription not yet used

Shapiro International offers an affiliate program. These are governed by additional terms and conditions which can be found here