Speaking – A Career for Retirement

Author: Frank

Date: August 30, 2015

Retirement these days doesn’t mean stopping everything you do in life. Many people decide they want to continue working and earn money but many more realise that retirement is an opportunity to do some of the things they didn’t have time for when work took priority.

One of the most popular things for you to enjoy in later life is travel. When you are working at a day job you had to wait until the two-week summer break came round for you to explore the world. But not when you are retired. However, travel costs money and it may be a bit out of your reach to go to the places you want.

Speaking can solve that problem. Yes that’s right, speaking on a cruise ship about something you have knowledge of can be a perfect way to travel the world virtually free.

Topics for Speakers

But what would you speak on, I hear you say. Well, if you have managed to get to retirement age without picking up some knowledge on a few topics I’m amazed! Think about it. You’ve spent around 30 years at work. What did you do? What was your speciality? You probably also had hobbies. What were they?

Popular Topics For a Cruise Ship Speaker

General Destinations

Sydney Opera House

What do you know about different countries? Check out all the popular ports that cruise liners visit and remind yourself what you know about these particular places. You will of course need a good knowledge of them but it is possible you already have that.

General History

Have you always been interested in history? Do you have an area of the word that you know a lot about and can talk about its history? Many people are fascinated to learn about the history of the ports they are visiting on a cruise. Can you talk on the Panama Canal or the Pyramids of Egypt? If so, there could be a place for you as a speaker on board a cruise ship.


There is a huge appetite for learning about antiques – especially if they are connected to the port destinations of a particular ship’s itinerary. With all the TV programs on at the moment about antiques there is a lot of interest, and if you have the knowledge to give interesting and informative talks, then you will be popular on many cruises.

Arts and Crafts

There are arts and craft workshops on almost all cruise ships. This is a popular daytime activity for many people, and if you know enough about practical crafts then you will almost certainly be able to use your skills on board a ship. Give your craft lessons a theme and try to tie it in to some of the destinations the ship will be visiting.

Marine History

This has got to be one of the most popular topics, and one of the best attended by passengers on a cruise. If you can talk with some authority on famous ships like the Titanic or tell some stories about Captain Cooks adventures, then you will go down a treat.


People on a treadmill

Many people go on holiday to relax. When they are relaxed they are more open to thinking a little about how they can improve themselves – mind and body. Most modern ships are fitted with state of the art gyms, which are amongst the most visited areas of the ship.

Retirement for you can mean travel and more travel. Here are 5 tips to increasing your chances of being a cruise ship speaker…

  • Think hard about topics you know you can give 45 minute presentations on.
  • Put together a document detailing topic headings for your talks.
  • If you haven’t spoken in front of an audience before, then get some local practice in.
  • Look at the popular destinations that cruise ships go and ask yourself what you know about them.
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