How Speakers Can Earn a 7 Figure Income

Author: Frank

Date: September 18, 2017

Making a substantial income from speaking is the ambition of many speakers. Being a 7 figure earning speaker is not impossible no matter how difficult you might feel it is.

7 Tips To Being a 7 Figure Income Speaker

Speak To The Correct Market

Audience must be interested in your topic. At the beginning of your speaking career it might be a good idea to speak to just about anyone that will listen. This can be good to hone your speaking skills. However, don’t prolong this stage so that you can move to audiences who actually want to hear your message.

Captivate your audience as a professional public speaker

Audience must connect with your topic through you. Work on making your audience remember you. This means having a fantastic beginning to your presentation and an even more fantastic ending. The middle bit should be informative, enjoyable and to some extent entertaining.

Decide before you even begin to write your presentation what you want your audience to leave remembering about your presentation. Then make sure your beginning and ending reinforces this to the audience so that they will remember it and talk about it to friends. Think of the last speaker you heard. What did you remember about his/her talk. How did they make you remember that part of their talk?

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Decide On Your Reason For Speaking

You must be honest with yourself about this from the start.

Be positive as a professional public speaker

  1. Is your drive for being a great speaker to make lots of money? That’s ok if it is, just be honest about it to yourself.
  2. You may genuinely be in it to help other people. This is great too, but remember being financially secure will help you help more people. It will also let you concentrate on your speaking instead of worrying about paying the rent.
  3. Is your reason for being a speaker to sell another product? Again, there is nothing wrong with this if you know from the start that this is your driving force.

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You may have other reasons for speaking. You may also have a combination of reasons. The sooner you know what your reasons for wanting to be a speaker are, the sooner you will be on the road to becoming a great speaker.

Expect Failures But Don’t Let Them Discourage You

Stick to your big target while being flexible enough to change route to get there.

Think of it this way. Imagine you want to go from your home to the supermarket. Of course you know the road you want to go to achieve this, you will have done it many times before. So you set off to the supermarket and come across roadworks on your usual route. This is where you have 2 choices. One, you turn back and don’t get the things you needed. Two, you find an alternative route to the supermarket. There will almost always be one.

My First Experience Speaking on a Podcast

If you hit an obstacle on the road to your final speaking goal, then find an alternative way to get there. Giving up is the end of the story.

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Be Entrepreneurial

If this doesn’t come naturally to you then hire people who will do this side of it. You need to keep control of the business side of your speaking business. But if you have a great team around you then you can make this work for you.

Be positive in your speaking performances

  1. Be active on social media.
  2. Be active on traditional media.
  3. Write a book on your speaking topic.
  4. Be authentic. No one like a faker. You need to be passionate about the topic on which you speak.
  5. Be real. Don’t try to oversell yourself. Instead allow your speaking to sell you and your products.

Copy Other Successful Speakers

Most successful speakers will be happy to help you

Listen to what they say to you. You don’t need to agree with what they say however listen as you can pick and choose what will be helpful to building your own career

When you become a successful speaker, if you are not one already, then it will be your turn to help others do the same.

Have Products

As a speaker, you will be your main product. However, you will want to have other products too.

Other products will help in two ways. Firstly, they will provide other sources of income. Secondly, and probably more importantly, they will give you credibility with potential event organisers and audiences.

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Other products that speakers have include, books, online courses, online seminars and mentoring. You may also have other products which directly relate to the topic on which you speak.

By having multiple streams of income, you will be more relaxed if one area slows down for any reason.

Become a Spokesperson

Television, magazines and especially radio, are always on the lookout for ‘experts’. You may not consider yourself an expert on the topic on which you speak, however knowing more than the audience to which you speak makes you more of an expert than them.

Keep learning about your topic no matter how proficient you feel you are already. The more you learn the more you know more than everyone else knows. This makes you an expert.

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