Speakers, Be Yourself

Author: Ian

Date: July 29, 2016

I know how important it is for public speakers to get their facts correct and to deliver the right information to their audience.

However, I believe the most important and powerful speaking technique is to be yourself.

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How To Be Yourself

Speakers, Be Yourself

Firstly, be real!

Don’t be afraid to tell your audience that this is your first (or 100th) time and you are afraid; tell them how you are feeling.

Share with them how you feel fear and more importantly, how you overcome it. Be honest with them and let them see you. I mean really see you. Be yourself!

You never know, you may just be helping others overcome their fear of speaking in public, or you may even be helping them to overcome some other totally unrelated fear.

Selling To Your Audience

Speakers, Be Yourself

Tell some interesting stories. Get your audience laughing. Get them interested in you. Get them to want to listen and want to stay in their seat.

They need to get to know who the speaker is. I don’t think people really need to be sold to. They don’t buy because of the information you deliver about the product or service, but because they like, believe and trust you.

This requires you to be honest and vulnerable and in the now.

When you come from a place of being completely present, a presence seems to fill the room.  As you let go and let your audience into your heart, a real communication takes place, which feels more like a natural conversation.

As you let go and learn to be yourself, you also reach right into their heart, allowing them see, hear and feel you, from the same place. The reward for your courage will be much more than you could imagine and probably expect.

It’s a great feeling when you finish and people look around them in a little bit of a daze as if asking “What just happened?”

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You might even see them scratching their head as they check their cup wondering what was in that coffee – questioning why they feel so good.

For me, the hardest part of letting go is getting started. Once I am under way, the rest seems to fall into place.

I remember once delivering a talk to a small group of about 30 people. I didn’t have a plan. I simply began the conversation. I shared some personal information, my findings from an exploration and my experiences.

When it was over, I couldn’t really remember much of what I said.

Many people came to me to ask some questions and to comment. This is always a good sign.

Others shared how they were feeling and what they observed. One woman said she noticed a white aura around me all night and every time I mentioned the name Jesus, the light glowed.

By the time those strangers went home, they were no longer strangers.

A lot of healing took place that night and all I had to do was to show up, have the courage to be present, speak from my heart and have faith that the needs of each individual present would be provided for. And they always have been.

In order to give to others, you have to be honest with who you are. Don’t put on a fake persona for others and stay positive. Have confidence. People will relate to you much easier that way.

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All the best!