Tony Sellaway

Georgia, United States
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“You don’t see the world as it IS, you see it the way You ARE!”

My goal every day is to make people happy and healthy – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am at each present moment a student or a teacher; a lesson, an example or a blessing. I want to help as many persons as I encounter to enjoy their Life Experience. By maintaining a higher, positive vibration and going with the Flow of the Universe, at the end of my dash, I would like to be remembered as one the nicest persons that one could know.

I have recently published Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses through Hay House Publisher/Balbao Press. It is an inspirational book to help persons smile along their Life Experience!

I tell my Spirit, “I AM Love, Peace and Happiness and everyone and everything can easily see it in me.” Tony Sellaway has had the opportunity to live in several states and countries. Moving around every 2-3 years, He became multi-lingual at an early age and got to see the world from many views. This instilled a few principles in him; that change is a way of life and home is wherever you are. Tony has worked in government, large corporations, law and accounting firms, automobile industry, food & beverage industry, entrepreneurial entities and multilevel marketing companies. Tony has practiced and studied Christianity, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism and other religions. These experiences give Tony the ability to speak to anyone he meets from common ground and an empathetic point of view. Tony’s teachings uplift and inspire many to live happier and peaceful lives.

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You don't see the world as it is, you see it the way you are.


Tony brings the light and wisdom to transform your life into a life you love; filled with purpose,heart, and awareness. Thank you for being a vessel of light for so many. Tony's ability to speak to anyone no matter where they are in life and to make every person he come in contact with better is astounding. Having Tony as a dear friend and Speaker for The Best Self Network is a true honor and gift. Tony opens your heart and mind to a greater and more expansive existence.

Fonda Fredericka- Founder of Passionate About Being Your Best Self- Atlanta, GA

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