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About Sue Baic MSc RD

Sue is  a highly professional nutritionist and dietitian who is passionate, engaging and knowledgeable about her subject. She has over 30 year’s experience in applied human nutrition and public speaking having worked as a  Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Nutrition and Public Health at The University of Bristol for 10 years. She speaks on her subject to a range of audiences including public engagement lectures, national conferences in the UK and overseas and regularly appears on British television, radio and print media.Sue has also co-authored three popular nutrition books ( Nutrition for Dummies/ The GL Diet for Dummies/Living Gluten Free for Dummies) and writes regular articles for public audiences .

Sue offers versatile and adaptable lectures on engaging but informative topics . Nutrition is a fun area with broad appeal  and fits with audiences interested in health, fitness, wellness and positive ageing .Sue translates up to date research  into easy to understand terms with plenty of chance for audience interaction, exploring what is effective and helping her audience develop positive and practical dietary strategies to use as take home messages.

Sue has a natural ability to communicate and is noted for her accessible, absorbing and entertaining lecture style. She has an MSc in Nutrition from the University of London and is a member of the Association of UK Dietitians and registered with the UK HCPC.

In her day job Sue works as a freelance nutrition consultant from Bristol UK  and is sometime available at short notice . She is a media spokesperson for several nutrition organisations and  has considerable experience providing health sessions within corporate wellness programmes including team building events.  In her spare time she enjoys travel and is a keen runner.

Whether you require a motivational speaker for a business event, or an entertaining speaker for a cruise or  social occasion, Sue is happy to devise a themed nutrition presentation to suit any occasion.

Cruise Enrichment Speaking : Sue has considerable experience as a cruise enrichment speaker having provided 49 talks on 12 cruises to date in the USA, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Far East and Australia. Her talks bring relevant aspects from the local world of food and nutrition on board the ship and have broad appeal to those interested in nutrition, health and positive ageing to enhance passenger experience. Whilst on board she is also available to deliver “Nutrition & well-being” workshops for crew as desired. Sue has a wealth of experience about dietary patterns around the world and the links with health and can create engaging and memorable lecture series tailored for specific itineraries and audiences.

My Specialist Subjects


There’s a convincing body of research showing that our diet affects both mental and physical health as well as wellbeing. It’s becoming clear that there is much we can do to stay as healthy as possible, especially as we get older. However nutrition information in the media can be confusing – one week it seems a food is good for us, the next it’s off limits. Sue's entertaining and informative lectures guide us through this minefield, helping sort fact from fiction and offer practical strategies for audiences to take home.
Sample talks:
1. Nutrition for positive ageing - can we eat ourselves younger?
• Research shows it’s never too late to future proof our health. Genes only account for a small part of lifespan and what we eat and drink can make a big difference to both quality of life and health - helping us to age well. Diet can benefit our brains to our bones to our eyes. This informative talk takes a look at the reality behind diet for positive ageing and helps translate the science into realistic practical tips.
2. Mood food - give me chocolate & wine and I'll be fine!
• We all have good & bad days but what we eat can influence mood, energy levels, concentration, even how we deal with stress. This session explores latest research and highlights some mood boosting steps we can all take.
3. Superfoods for Heart Health
• This session looks at latest evidence on how diet can help promote good heart health and digs deeper to look at what we really mean by the Mediterranean diet
4. Avoiding weight gain on a cruise: how little things can make a big difference
If it ever feel as if the sea air is shrinking your clothes this light hearted but informative session is for you. It offers some positive, practical strategies from the fields of nutrition and psychology which can help avoid weight gain on board without depriving yourself!
5. The Nordic Diet – bringing the outside world of food alive on board
Recent studies have suggested the Nordic diet has impressive health benefits helping protect against heart disease, stroke, diabetes as well as some cancers and promoting positive ageing. But what’s the reality behind this research and how can the diet inspire us with ideas we can use no matter where we live?
Please note: This talk is tailored to cruise location when visiting Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Iceland showing how to take the best from local dietary patterns.
6. The Mediterranean Diet– bringing the outside world of food alive on board
Recent studies have suggested the Mediterranean diet has impressive health benefits helping protect against heart disease, stroke, diabetes as well as some cancers and promoting positive ageing. But what’s the reality behind this research and how can the diet inspire us with ideas we can use no matter where we live?
Please note: This talk is tailored to cruise location when visiting Mediterranean countries showing how to take the best from local dietary patterns
7. Thinking of eating less meat?
The idea of a plant based eating has hit the headlines recently as a win- win approach for health, the environment, animal welfare and cost savings. If you or your family and friends are thinking about shifting towards a more flexitarian (occasional meat & fish), vegetarian or even vegan way of eating this session can help you do so effectively, safely and enjoyably without missing out on key nutrients. .
8. Eating for an active lifestyle?
Activity of all types can help boost both our physical and our mental health. This fun, informative and practical session explores recent research on how food and drink can enhance our enjoyment, performance & recovery from sport, exercise and physical activity- whatever we choose to do.
9. Are you getting your five a day?
The message to aim for 5 a day fruit and vegetables is well known but what does it really mean and why does it matter? Which types count towards this goal and what's a portion? Is 5 really enough or should it be more? This fun session looks at the scientific background behind this message and helps translate it into practical, affordable and palatable tips.
10. Myths and misunderstandings in nutrition- does healthy eating really need to be so boring?
Dietary information can be confusing – one minute you’re told to have blueberries and the next it’s green tea! How do we get at the truth? If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about diet - now’s your chance. This session helps answer your questions and clears up some of the common areas of misunderstanding highlighting positive enjoyable food choices we can all make
11. Eating for happy & healthy digestion. New studies highlight the importance of diet for good digestive health. In this fascinating journey along the human gut we explore the truth about food allergies, gluten and “good bacteria”. We uncover which foods can help irritable bowel and bloating and translate the latest research into practical tips to keep the gut happy and healthy.


"Sue is an experienced dietitian with a passion for communication. She combines robust nutritional science with sound practical advice, making healthy eating options understandable, enjoyable and achievable. "

Alice Roberts, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, University of Birmingham.

"Sue is a much-valued official spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association representing us on countless occasions through various media channels such as national newspapers, television, radio and magazines."

Steven Jenkins, Media & PR Officer, The British Dietetic Association

"Sue is the lady I rely on when diet-related articles or presentations are required. They are always brilliant. She has the skill of being lively, engaging but realistic."

Jan Procter-King, Editor In Chief, British Journal of Primary Care Nursing and manager of et al Training

"Sue is highly knowledgeable in her field and a great enthusiast. This comes over very strongly in her teaching sessions which are always excellently presented, entertaining and appropriately tailored to the learning needs of her different audiences. It is always a pleasure to attend her lectures. I always leave feeling informed and inspired."

Dr Rosie Heath, GP Wsi Cardiology Lead for NHS Plymouth.

"Sue is a highly professional individual who is full of enthusiasm for her speciality. She always goes that extra mile and indeed makes every project better because of her involvement."

Liz Fox Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Bristol Directorate for Public Health.

"Having Sue as our nutritionist speaker was not only great fun and highly interactive but was also thought-provoking and added an important educational aspect to the overall programme".

Gabriella Gilkes,Producer,The Eden Project,Cornwall

Clients I've Worked For

  • Cheltenham Festival of Science
  • The Eden Project
  • Healthspan
  • Vavista Ltd
  • Nutrition and Health Conference
  • Primary Care Live Conference
  • et al Training
  • University of Bristol
  • The Association of UK Dietitians ( BDA) National Conference
  • Medical Women’s Federation Conference
  • Conferences for Heart UK ,PCCS and the BACPR
  • BBC ( 1,2, World Service, Radio 5 live , Radio 4)
  • National Obesity Forum Conference
  • International Congress of Dietetics

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