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Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
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About Mr Stuart Burrell

Stuart Burrell is an inspirational British multiple World Record Breaking Escapologist and Stamina based Weight Lifter. He is also a speaker, radio presenter, podcaster and writer.

This is despite suffering bullying and abuse at School and, in his own words, ‘not having the best of starts in life’. His gripping talks contrast immensely powerful stories with well-placed humour to not only captivate and motivate audiences, but also to challenge their concepts and ideals.

In the last 16 years Stuart has set fourteen World Records in the fields of Escapology, Weight Lifting and Strongman style strength acts.

Having spent most of his working life working in both the private sector (retail and banking) and the public sector (local and regional government focused on Housing and the Environment). Stuart has a Masters in Public Enterprise and Management (MPEM) is a qualified Chartered Manager (CMgr), is a full member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Institute of Leadership and Management (MInstLM) as well as a practicing environmental manager (PIEMA). He is also a member of the Magic Cirlce in London.

Stuart’s story of ‘trolley wally to endurance athlete via Harry Houdini’ is a guaranteed winner for corporate audiences the world over.

Stuart has been featured on ‘The One Show’ on BBC Television in connection with Houdini, Sir Arthur Conon Doyle and Jack Sheppard and was part of ‘Team Mammoth’ on the television series Robot Wars.

My Specialist Subjects

For Magic Clubs

A talk designed for Magic Clubs and Magical Societies, featuring the history of Escapology and the way in which that art form can be added to existing routines. Up to 150 minutes, including breaks, this talk is designed for closed meetings and not for the general public. Enquire today for fee and for more information.

Charities and Groups

This talk can be customised to cover the many different adventures in Stuart's life, from Robot Wars to Escapology, from Stamina Strength to World Records, this talk can be adapted to fit any event, club meeting or fundraising event that you may be holding.
Inspirational and informative, this talk is designed to not only motivate but also to explain just why a person would wish to do what Stuart has achieved.

Up, Down, In and Out

Geared towards the purists - this talk goes into maximum detail about the World Record Breaking and focusses on the pain and pitfalls, as well as offering practical advice on getting involved in your own World Record Breaking activities.
Covering ground featured in his book "Twelve Times to the Max" and also his podcast series.

Real Life Super Heroes

Take a tour through history to find real life examples of human beings overcoming amazing odds to achieve greatness and success in their own fields. From Howard Hughes (the inspiration for Iron Man) through to Jack Sheppard (the man Harry Houdini was booked as emulating) to William Kamkwamba (a real life MacGyver) this is an ideal talk to inspire and motivate individuals to look beyond the status quo and consider making the impossible become possible.
Inspire your team today, get in contact to find out more.


"With the current trend in cinema for superheroes there is now a real place in magic for demonstrating superhuman feats and escapes, making this lecture incredibly relevant."

The Magic Circular

“A very interesting night from an engaging speaker."

Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians.

Clients I've Worked For

  • Nottingham Guild of Magicians
  • The Magic Circle (London)
  • Peterborough Society of Magicians
  • The Langham Hotel
  • Middlesborough Circle of Magicians
  • Wolverhampton Circle of Magic

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