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About Dr Chris Stringer FRS, Hon FSA

I joined the permanent staff of the Natural History Museum in London 1973, where I’m now a Research Leader in Human Origins. My early research was on Neanderthals and early modern people in Europe, but has now expanded to look at how our species evolved, across the world. I’ve worked on sites in places like Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco and China, and I direct major projects on the earliest humans in Britain. I’ve published on key finds ranging from 900,000 year old human footprints in Norfolk to the genome of a Neanderthal from Gibraltar.  I’ve published about 500 scientific papers and books including Britain: one million years of the human story (2014, with Rob Dinnis) and Our Human Story (2018, with Louise Humphrey).

I regularly lecture to University and public audiences, including cruises and tours for Voyages to Antiquity, Fred Olsen, Scientific American and National Geographic and I’m also a regular contributor to news items on human evolution for UK TV and Radio channels, national and international newspapers and websites, with many appearances on documentaries for UK and international TV channels.

Click here to read more about my work at The Natural History Museum >> http://www.nhm.ac.uk/our-science/departments-and-staff/staff-directory/chris-stringer.html


My Specialist Subjects

Human Evolution (some examples)

1. Human Evolution: the Big Picture
An introduction to 7 million years of human evolution, from the time of our divergence from the African apes to the emergence of humans. In this presentation I look at how Darwin’s ideas have fared in the face of the latest discoveries, putting them in context and perspective in terms of human evolution in Africa, Asia and Europe.

2. The First Humans
About 2 million years ago the first humans appeared in Africa, and soon afterwards they were in China and Indonesia. Discover what drove their evolution and led to a spread from their evolutionary homeland. Remarkable new finds in Africa and Asia are changing the way we think about our early evolution.

3. The Neanderthals: another kind of Human
Our close relatives the Neanderthals evolved in parallel with our own species, living in Europe and Asia. They are often depicted as bestial ape-men, but in reality they were like us in many ways. Recently we have even learnt that most non-Africans have some of their DNA, from interbreeding about 50,000 years ago.

4. The Rise of Homo sapiens
Modern humans are characterised by large brains and creativity. How did our species arise and spread across the world, and how did we interact with other human species in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia? And how and when did modern regional (‘racial’) differences arise? Delve in to the origins of human behavioural traits such as complex technology, art and burial of the dead for insights into what might have led to our eventual success.

5. A mystery of human evolution
In 2004 a remarkable new discovery from the remote island of Flores in Indonesia was announced, a find which has divided scientific opinion and provoked bitter disputes. It was claimed that a new species of primitive human, Homo floresiensis (aka "The Hobbit"), was living on Flores as recently as 17,000 years ago, a species only 1 metre tall, and with a brain the size of a chimpanzee's. What was this creature, why has it provoked such controversy, and what were its origins and fate?


Outstanding speaker - best on tour Relevant, well presented, how fortunate we have been in these lectures Quite outstanding Lecturing of the highest calibre Blown away with his sequence of presentations. Loved each one! Brilliant preparation. Interesting. Good sense of humour. Great topic, making us want to find out more about old bones. Exceptional speaker. 10/10 Makes me wonder why I had to wait until this time in my life to learn about this "stuff".


Clients I've Worked For

  • National Geographic
  • Voyages to Antiquity
  • Fred Olsen
  • Insight (for Scientific American)

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