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California, United States
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About Stephen Sapato

Steve is an exceptionally talented speaker. He uses stories and anecdotes to bring humor and reality to his speeches while relating to all of his audiences. He has proven time and again that his humorous stories and knowledge, mixed with his down to earth style makes him a favorite at every event he speaks to.

As an author and blogger his knowledge of life is what makes him a success and real to his audiences. He has traveled America speaking about topics ranging from great managers to creating great meetings; from how to communicate for success to how to communicate with your spouse. He makes the most difficult topics seem easy and using humor he helps his audiences remember the ideas and insights that will change their lives.

You will want Steve back many times as your companies and organizations continue to grow as they use his ideas and insights to become more successful with the people they work with.


My Specialist Subjects


Author of the Relationship book, The Twenty to help people find love, Steve has been active in helping thousands of people change their lives by finding love or getting past a broken heart. Steve has talked to thousands of people about how love works and how we need to study love so that we can all experience a great love for the rest of our lives.


The art of communication changes peoples lives. Finding out how to enhance your 'Skill with People' can take you from a nobody to being the person that other people want to meet and want to introduce you to their friends and mentors. Growing your 'Skill with People' comes with a great course on communication called, what else, 'Skill with People' that teaches you how to improve your communication, teaches you how to grow your network, produce more sales, more leads and more appointments in business. It teaches you how to become 'The Go-To Person For Your Own Success' which just happens to be the title of me newest book on business networking.


As a former business owner of many companies and a student of corporate America, Steve has been producing amazing insights into company management and their systems. He trains companies on How To Make Good Managers Great and produces a weekly blog on management topics and has been producing that blog for over ten years. He teaches companies how to conduct meeting that keep people happy and produce results. And Steve uses his course, 'Skill with People' to help companies train their people to get the most out of their people while making those employees happy to create great results.

Clients I've Worked For

  • Genesis Health Systems
  • Muscatine Power and Water
  • John Deere
  • Bee Line Manufacturing

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