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About Mr Ronald Smith

Ronnie has 35 years’ experience speaking in front of a wide range of audiences around the world, with full use of auto-cue, multi-media and modern speaking systems to large Corporate and private functions including Traditional Burns Suppers featuring the Immortal Memory to mixed audiences and male only and Toast to the Lassies to mixed and hysterical male only events.

Presentations are always fully researched, professionally prepared and can cover topics such as historical accounts of the Second World War and any chosen subjects with 12 weeks’ notice.

Ronnie also has considerable experience in being a Master of Ceremonies, an Auctioneer and giving Votes of Thanks.

Ronnie’s unique selling point is his understanding of brevity and his speeches are always to get the point across and keep the audience informed and entertained throughout.

My Specialist Subjects

Robert Burns

Ronnie has given many Immortal Memories of Robert Burns to numerous clubs with a very factual and humerous description of the Bard.

Ronnie has also given many Toast to the Lassies to both male only and mixed audiences, respecting totally the audience he is addressing.

World War 1 & 11

Ronnie gives a 15 to 20 minute presentation on the years through both wars from Britain being very much being on the backfoot at the start of both wars to being supreme victors at the end.

Direct Sales

Having had 30 years experience in Direct Sales not only as an Sales Adviser but Sales Manager, Branch Manager, Ronnie presents comprehensive proven sales ideas which are tried and tested so not only can he 'Walk the Walk' he can 'Talk the Talk'!

This includes gaining appointments, closing the sale and referral building.

Any Subject Matter

With 12 weeks notice Ronnie will prepare the preferred subject matter that the client wishes.


Glen Ballantyne - Principle Event Organiser At our 70th Anniversary VE day celebrations to find the right venue, band and caterers was one task. But to find someone who would deliver a speech, marking such a historical and poignant time in our history was another challenge. I met with Ronnie and discussed the content and the delivery of what I thought would be the central part of the evening. Ronnie excelled himself with the gravitas and historical content of the events of 70 years ago and throughout WW2. This was delivered to a well informed audience and veterans of WW2. Throughout his speech you could have heard a pin drop and he held everyone's undivided attention for over 20 minutes. On more than one occasion I have heard Ronnie make hilariously funny speeches and to have the ability to deliver at both ends of the spectrum is a rare quality.

Glen Ballantyne

Carole Hughes - Organiser of IPF Charity Event I have heard Ronnie Smith before and I asked him to be the MC & Auctioneer at my charity event at the Marriott Hotel recently in aid of IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis). Ronnie was an excellent MC keeping to the agenda and timings, he was also a witty auctioneer gaining additional monies from the audience and he contributed greatly to the evening.

Carole Hughes

Morag McIntosh - President Glasgow Rotary I asked Ronnie Smith to deliver the 'Immortal Memory' to the Glasgow Rotary and mixed audience, his research and knowledge of Burns shone through and he captivated the audience.

Morag McIntosh

Sheena Glass - Chief Executive, Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association It is worthwhile to listen to Ronnie Smith when he speaks publicly. His speeches are interesting and lighthearted and usually a bit educational.

Sheena Glass

John Williams – Director Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society In January Ronnie Smith came through from the west to provide the key performance of the ‘Immortal Memory’ at the annual Burn’s Night Dinner at the Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society in Edinburgh. Given the club is awash with members who are Burn’s experts and enthusiasts, Ronnie had a very knowledgeable and discerning audience. He won them all over, delivering an extremely well balanced discourse, cleverly marrying interest with humour. In particular the humour was well matched with the audience, featuring the particular Scottish humour of self deprecation. And what’s more he stuck to the time allocated to him!

John Williams

Clients I've Worked For

  • Legal & General at Top Sellers Conventions Worldwide
  • Centurion Signs
  • Rod Conway Financial Services
  • Rotary International
  • Riverpark Investments
  • KRD Financial Services
  • The Legal Partnership
  • Multiple Golf, Bowling, Chess, Tennis,Rugby and other Sporting Organisations
  • Multiple Rotary, Round Table, Womens Guilds, Burns Clubs, Probus and many other business & Social Events

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