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Western Region, Ireland
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Can I start by saying how much I hate writing these things?  I suppose I should introduce myself, this is, afterall, why you’re here.  Unless of course you’re here because I told you to come here and tell me how wonderful and amazing and great I am.  So yes, I hate writing things like this as they always sound so false.  Should I make it sound something like a CV “in my spare time I like reading a wide variety of books and socialising with my friends.”  Or would it sound better if I tried to be like Miss World? “I like kittens, knitting and anal fisting and want to heal the sick and bring world peace… oh and Tuesdays!”

Until I find a better person to write this – an eight year old essentially – I’ll just leave you with a few bullet points.

  • I live in Galway, Ireland.
  • I’m a big homo.
  • I have low latent inhibition.
  • I have a particular way I have to eat sandwiches.
  • I had a nipple ring ripped out in a fight.
  • I graduated from Princeton.
  • At one point in my life I weighed twenty-five stone.
  • I own land in Scotland.  I’ve forgotten where.
  • I have toes like fingers.
  • I talk that much I forget what the original question was.
  • I’m arrogant.
  • I melted all my toe nails off by wrongly walking on coals.
  • I think Herbert Brenon was one of the most talented Hollywood directors.
  • I drink Morgan’s Spiced Rum and/or Champagne.
  • I hate homophobia.
  • And racism.
  • And Andi Peters.

Some or all of those maybe false.

My Specialist Subjects

LGBT issues

Not only can I speak from my own experience but that of people I know and what they've gone through.


As Event Director for Knocknacarra parkrun and a member of the four man activation team in Ireland I have vast experience of organising the event and training new events.


As a performing drag queen I have many stories about this as well as the ability to perform in drag singing live and miming to some tracks. Winner of the 2015 In Your Face Drag Race at Galway Community Pride.


I'm a member of Toastmasters and regularly speak at the meetings and various events and 2015 winner of the Humorous Speech Contest at Corrib Toastmasters.

Public Speaking

I train people in public speaking.


Thanks to Rob Partridge/Dixie Normous for acting as the MC for our "Shave ,Dye or Wax!" for Galway Autism Partnership. So funny and so entertaining. Would highly recommend Dixie. Thanks from all at Galway Autism Partnership Sheila Coen Galway Autism Partnership

Galway Autism Partnership

Clients I've Worked For

  • Galway Community Pride
  • Brothers of Charity - Galway
  • Galway Autism Partnership
  • Aston Wood Golf Course
  • The Outmost
  • Polari Magazine

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