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About pete Goss

Pete Goss is a West Countryman and former Royal Marine who is no stranger to adventure. The Spirit of Mystery voyage was just the latest in a long line of seafaring adventures for Pete, but the 2006 Two-handed Round Britain and Ireland Yacht Race marked a return to competitive sailing for him. Previously Pete competed in six transatlantic and two round-the-World races. The most recognized of these was the 1996/7 Vendee Globe non-stop single-handed round the world yacht race in his Open 50 yacht ‘Aqua Quorum’. It was this race which turned Pete into a national hero for the dramatic rescue of fellow competitor Raphael Dinelli in hurricane-force winds. Pete was awarded the MBE by HM The Queen and the Legion d’Honneur by the French President.

Pete’s other sailing exploits include training and leading a previously inexperienced crew of ten through what is generally held to be the toughest yacht race in the World — the British Steel Challenge (now known as the Global Challenge). The route goes the ‘wrong way’ around the World, against the prevailing winds and currents. Pete proudly led the team aboard Hofbrau into third place. In 1988 he defied convention by finishing second in the Carlsberg Single handed Transatlantic Race, sailing ‘Cornish Meadow’, a tiny catamaran just 26 feet in length. This was Pete’s first project, but proved that small, lightweight multi-hulls can be viable giant-killing race boats.   More recently Pete gathered together the team and sponsors that enabled the construction of the World-famous giant catamaran ‘Team Philips’ — this was a five year project that ended with the sad loss of the boat, but thankfully not the crew, in a freak mid-Atlantic storm in December 2000.

Pete doesn’t confine himself to sailing adventures though. He has competed in the infamous Three Peaks Challenge and is a frequent visitor to the North Pole — leading, motivating and coaching senior executives on both sides of the Atlantic.

After Dinner Speaking and Presentations

A naturally gifted and eloquent speaker with a direct and engaging style, Pete thrills audiences with his inspiring stories that leave them yearning for their own taste of adventure. Pete is the author of the best-selling book about his yachting adventures — ‘Close to the Wind’. He lives in Cornwall and is married to Tracey, with whom he has three children.With a wide variety of adventures under his belt, Pete Goss talks positively and with passion about leading teams through exciting, but often complex, difficult and dangerous situations. A natural communicator with a dynamic but informal style, Pete never ceases to amuse, entertain and inform with his presentations.

At the height of the Team Philips project, Pete headed-up a workforce of more than 100 employees, brokered multi-million pound sponsorship deals and assisted in the creation of several new companies in fields as diverse as new media, engineering, education and boat-building. Handling these complex and often conflicting pressures whilst all the while being under the media spotlight, gave Pete a unique insight into the challenges that face every organisation. Equally at home battling the elements alone or leading a business team from the front, Pete draws from these experiences to offer management talks, team-building exercises and training sessions that will not only challenge individuals and groups, but inspire them to achieve beyond what they thought possible. As Pete says: “I have been fortunate to have been brought up on a diet of adventure and privileged to take part in number of challenges. My training in the Royal Marines taught me to be professional at all times, even in dangerous and frightening circumstances. But fear can be dispelled by knowledge and preparation. I truly enjoy helping other people realise their full potential and tailor my talks and training to suit the needs of the audience.


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Pete has sailed just about every sea and ocean and has an adventure and story to tell about every one of them.

Do you want to hear about how on December 25, 1996, he turned his 50-ft yacht Aqua Quorum back into a hurricane force headwind to rescue French sailor Raphael Dinelli risking his own life and abandoning any chance of winning one of the world’s great yachting challenges, the Vendeé Globe non-stop, singlehanded, round the world race. And how he was awarded France’s highest honour, the Legion d’Honneur and an MBE for his selfless actions?

Or would you rather hear how he became the fastest British sailor to sail single handed around the world in 126 days and 21 hours?

You may want to hear Pete talk about how he and his team built ‘Spirit of Mystery’ to recreate and celebrate the heroic journey of seven Cornishmen who sailed a 37 ft wooden lugger to Australia more than 150 years ago.

Or you may just want to sit back and be inspired by this great man of action as he delivers after dinner talks or presentation to your guests.

Wherever you are Pete Goss has an adventure to tell about it.

Books by Pete Goss

Pete is the author of the best-selling book about his yachting adventures — ‘Close to the Wind’, where Pete shares his adventures, thoughts, hardships and philosophy during and throughout the ten years of preparation for the 1996 Vendee Globe.

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