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About Paul Corke

An Author, Leadership Thinker and Speaker whose talks are interactive, provocative and inspire you to think different. I’m passionate about leadership and can provide insight in to how leadership will evolve in the future. I can also provide bespoke talks on key leadership subjects to tailor the content to your organisation.

I’m also a Leadership Architect and owner of Leadership Architecture Consulting where I consult and help organisations to create a shared understanding of leadership aligned to their business strategy to develop leaders who can shape the future of their business today.

I’ve been working in the financial industry for over 20 years and developing leaders through a range of different approaches to provide a responsive, experiential, collaborative and innovative approach to Leadership Development.



My Specialist Subjects

Leadership in the Future

Paul provides an inspiring and provocative talk on leadership in the future. By understanding the past we can also predict future behaviour. By understanding the present we can gain insight into how the past has conditioned us now through the choices we make and the inertia of the times we live in. By looking to the future we can predict the major shifts in technology, work and the world to gain insight in to what will be required of leaders in the future that we can start doing today. For those interested in future proofing leaders and gaining insight in to the future demands of leadership this talk is for you.

A Leaders Mindset

Paul provides an inspiring and interactive talk on a leaders mindset to help organisations define leadership but more importantly the mind shift change that leaders need to take in this digital age to be successful. Leaders gain an understanding of the key leadership success factors they should demonstrate to navigate through the change times we now live in and the importance of mindset to be able to be a leader who can shape the future. This talk can be adapted to make it bespoke to fit with an organisations requirements aligning to both business and leadership strategy, to deliver key leadership messages or define leadership for your organisation.

The Mindset Equation

Paul provides a fun, interactive and thought provoking talk so you can discover the mindset equation and the secret to success. Paul explains his theory psychological intelligence and simple success factors that we can all use to be the best version of ourselves. Paul will inspire you to be your best self and provide thinking along with tools to ensure you have a winning mindset to be your best everyday.


"I have worked with Paul Corke for over 10 years. He is both thoughtful and innovative in his approach to Leadership Development. He is not afraid to take risks. He is always driven to develop interventions that impact people's behaviours and consequently produce real business benefits. We worked on a leadership development programme that increased employee engagement from 52 to 92% over four years. He and the business in which he works have rightly been recognised for this achievement. He is also someone who readily gives you his time. He has spoken on behalf of 10Eighty on a number of occasions and he is an engaging and thought provoking speaker. I am proud to say I have worked with Paul Corke."

Michael Moran - 10Eighty

"Paul is an extremely engaging speaker, who delivers enormous amounts of energy whilst conveying his message. As a coach, Paul has had a massive impact on my life: Through what felt like a very natural process, Paul coached me from having an absolute and complete phobia of public speaking, to becoming someone that speaks on stage for a living. I could not recommend Paul's coaching skills more highly."

Barry Hayes - Adventurer

"Paul came to our bi-annual leadership event for managers and spoke to our team about their role as leaders. Paul is engaging, inspiring and enthusiastic. He really motivated our managers to think about their roles and how they work. I received excellent feedback from them after the event and many where inspired to go back to their own teams and work in new and different ways to secure better outcomes."

Kerry McKevitt - MHC

"I worked with Paul Corke for several years on a series of leadership and learning projects with MBNA. He is a first-class thinker and practitioner in the leadership development space, a talented author and highly engaging speaker. I am delighted to recommend Paul to anyone lucky enough to meet him."

Trevor Merriden - Merriborn Media

"I have experienced Paul speak on a number of occasions and I have actually engaged Paul to speak at events with my own clients and also other events that I have organised. Paul is an energetic and passionate speaker, who really makes sense, whilst challenging your thinking around leadership in this ever changing world that we are in. He has received such positive feedback from attendees and I look forward to having Paul speak at future events too."

Dave Harrison - Co-Creation

Clients I've Worked For

  • MBNA
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Barclaycard
  • HBOS
  • Bank of America
  • 10 Eighty
  • MHC
  • Chester County Council

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