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Abu Dhabi, Australia
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About Meg Salter BSC / BAs

To hear Meg speak is to experience the energy that comes from converting potential: the electricity that is generated when ideas are transformed into goals, and then into reality.

As the owner and Managing Director of Auridian Training & Consulting and with close to 20 years’ experience in retail sales and service industries in Australia and the UK, Meg is dedicated to bridging the gap between what businesses are doing and what the market expects. Known for her ability to look at topics in a different light and deliver information in an entertaining fashion, she has earned an exciting reputation as an international facilitator and speaker.

She has motivated countless delegates at national and international conferences for a diverse range of companies including the Flight Centre Travel Group, DTZ, The Chrisco Group, Miele Australia, Telechoice, the NSW Rural Fire Brigade, Defense Housing Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and has been honoured to have been listed in speaker lineups with international superstars including Stephen Lundin (author of FISH), Li Cunxin (Mao’s Last Dancer), Stedman Graham (Leadership Expert and Oprah’s partner), Lisa McInness- Smith, Amanda Gore and Wally Lewis.

As an authority in sales and leadership, Meg is committed to empowering individuals to change their behaviours and mindset in order to achieve success. Her dynamic presence and infectious humour are hallmarks of her spirited style, which makes her highly sought-after. Passionate and inspirational, Meg is a charismatic catalyst for change, who truly practices what she preaches.

My Specialist Subjects

Convert Your Sales Potential

The vast majority of sales consultants have the potential to generate far greater sales than they are currently achieving based on existing levels of enquiry. By showing sales forces how much work they are doing for free, examining their ‘unconversion rate’, and empowering them to convert a greater level of enquiry into the business, this presentation is guaranteed to motivate every salesperson to achieve more.

Sales in the Information Age: Get Control Back

With the advent of the internet and the constant and the constant bombardment of advertising, marketing calls and spam emails, customers’ attitudes towards salespeople have changed drastically. It is time to take our understanding of the psychology of sales to the next level and learn to appreciate the often irrational thought patterns that lead people to purchase. This presentation empowers all sales and service staff with new skills that will enable them to understand, and meet, the needs of the modern day customer.

Build Strong Relationships with DISC

In this highly interactive and incredibly entertaining session, delegates will learn how to build and maintain strong relationship by learning how to read the behaviours of those they interact with, understand their basic needs and develop respect for why people behave the way they do. If you want your staff to work well as a team, have self-awareness, be conscious of the effects of their behaviours on others, and be able to build trust with clients and colleagues, DISC is for you.

Maintaining Motivation

Motivation is the desire to achieve things. It’s the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing about the house all day; and the difference between picking up the phone to call a prospective client and going to boil the kettle. It is a crucial element in setting and attaining goals, and is considered the foundation of long term success. Meg will show you how to influence your own levels of motivation and self-control, give you strategies to help power through the pain period, and enable you to start kicking some serious goals.

Productive Habitudes

A blend of productive habits and attitudes are critical to the success of an individual, the sustainability of a business and the achievement of goals. Meg outlines the simple tools needed to gain greater control, create effective habits, develop stronger self-discipline and ultimately manage time more productively.

Turn Your ‘Shop’ into a ‘Business’: Create Accountability

This practical presentation outlines the strategies and approaches that create a high performance culture and a motivated team of people who are accountable for their own contribution to the bottom line. Leaders of all levels will leave with a renewed energy and passion to run a profitable business. They will know what needs to be done in order to capitalise on the existing talent in their team, and will understand exactly how to nip underperformance in the bud.


It takes a particular and very unique type of person to command the attention of everyone in a room simply with their presence. Charismatic, intelligent and extremely witty; a session with Meg with enable any open mind to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level.

Brooke Omara

Meg has been providing personal development training to our team, each quarter, for the last eighteen months. Her energy and enthusiasm has to be seen to be believed! She has deep and detailed knowledge of her subject which she is able to present in an entertaining and practical way.

Melissa Healy

I have seen Meg Salter present a couple of times throughout my career and I remember walking out of the presentations with a belly full of fire and motivated to make a change.

Adam Colebrook

From the very first words that I heard come out of Meg’s mouth - I was enthralled! Extremely motivational and inspiring, every single word that Meg delivered in her trainings I can still remember and implement often.

Amber McGregor

Excellent presenter who combined both humour with a high level of professionalism. Kept the audience captivated for the full length of the four-hour activity. Succeeded in making the audience not only participate in self-analysis, but scrutinise it, for their day-to-day dealings with people.

Hilda Duff

Meg provides high-quality tailored solutions and value for money. She is passionate about what she does and has an engaging temperament that relates well to audiences of all types. She possesses business acumen, and is able to seamlessly adapt and successfully meet even the most challenging demands.

Fay de Saram

I lead a team of eleven leaders, most of whom are new to running a retail business. Although keen, most of them are struggling to achieve consistent profitable results and find leading their people challenging. 2 months ago we participated in Meg’s 'Turn Your Shop into a Business' and we loved it! The session was high energy and we walked away with practical and simple tools to use day to day. There were a few 'lightbulb' moments and a few people asking "gosh, why didn't we do this sooner?!". Our results over the last two months have improved significantly - a few businesses have even set some new records - and there is no doubt that the session outcomes and follow up have contributed to this.

Lin Pih

I was fortunate to participate in a training course hosted by Meg Salter. My management team enjoyed two full-on days of management and leadership focussed learning. During the workshop activities we were able to reflect on our own business and Meg helped us to identify the critical elements that were important for us. I feel that our team has come away with a whole new attitude about our own egos and towards those in the teams we manage. Thanks Meg.

Christopher Snell

I found the session on building relationships enlightening, enjoyable (often very humorous) and greatly beneficial in understanding how each individual has varying needs in obtaining fulfilment. The trainer was a very interactive and dynamic facilitator, who was able to grasp the attention of the audience and deliver the message soundly.

Langdon Gould

I thought ‘Effective Communication’ was fantastic. I got a lot out of it that I can apply to different aspects of my life (not just work). Meg is fantastic; very, very funny – in fact the best laugh I have had for a very long time.

Juanita Bloomfield

Meg’s session was full of great ideas presented in a way that kept the room captivated the entire time. I look forward to implementing these with my stores.

Jared Taback

The integrity shines through and she engaged extremely well with our middle management team, sharing with them her intelligence and humour, which created a safe environment where you could start working on the hard stuff… posing questions that often would seem threatening, all of a sudden, seemed appropriate and due to this we were able to make head way with issues that often seem to remain in the 'Too Hard Basket'.

Lois Crook

I was at the course you held at head office yesterday and I thought your course was brilliant. You gave me another aspect at looking at things and how to make them work. I couldn't wait to get to the office to put into place all the things you had discussed with us! I can't wait for our business meeting next Tuesday where I can share some of these brilliant ideas with the rest of the team and watch our sales and commission levels go higher and higher!! Thank you so much for what was for me, one of the most beneficial and fun days in a course that I have had in a very long time! AWESOME!

Lorraine Charlecrafte

I am often at Seminars and Conferences with inspiring and uplifting people. I have meet people like Justin Herald, Li Cunxin and John Lees to name a few. When I was told about the course that I was to attend, I was excited but didn't expect it to be on the same inspiration scale as the larger seminars. BOY WAS I WRONG! Meg - who is your perfect example that genius and insanity run a fine line... was awesome! She was very quick to tune herself to the 20 odd individuals and then proceeded to inspire every one of us - even though we were all very different personalities! My expectations were definitely exceeded. I found it not only beneficial for working at Flight Centre, but it gave me so much to apply to life in general. Overall, one of the best sessions I have been too!!

Peter Toperosa

Clients I've Worked For

  • Flight Centre Travel Group
  • UGL Limited
  • DTZ
  • Miele Australia
  • VisAustralia
  • Tiffen and Co
  • Everalls DFK
  • Spencer Travel Group
  • 99 Bikes
  • Advanced Traders
  • E-career
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Beam Global
  • Covermore Travel Insurance
  • CAE Australia
  • Defense Housing Australia
  • Tourism and Leisure Holding
  • Voyager Travel
  • Creative Holidays
  • Captain's Choice
  • Australian Holiday Centre
  • Australia Pacific Touring
  • Travel Indochina
  • Peregrine Adventures
  • Travelscene American Express
  • Harvey World Travel
  • Value Tours
  • RACT
  • YHA
  • Travel Beyond
  • Travel Corp
  • Jetset Travelworld Group
  • Childplay Toys

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