Dr Martin Graff B.A. M.Phil. Ph.D. CPsychol. AFBPsS.

Wales, United Kingdom
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About Dr Martin Graff B.A. M.Phil. Ph.D. CPsychol. AFBPsS.

Martin is Reader in Psychology at the University of South Wales.  He is an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Psychologist.  He has carried out research in the areas of cognitive processes in web-based learning, individual differences in website navigation, online interaction and the formation and dissolution of romantic relationships online and offline.  Martin has also served as a member of the British Psychological Society Undergraduate Education Committee.  In 2013 has was invited as a visiting research professor to State University of New York, Cortland, USA.  This year he has been invited to spend a sabbatical at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  He has written over 50 scientific articles, published widely in the field of Internet behaviour, and presented his work at numerous International Conferences.  Martin also writes for Psychology Today on the subject of online relationships and regularly speaks at public events in the UK and Internationally.

My Specialist Subjects

Psychology of relationships

The Psychology of Romantic Attraction

This talk looks at all we want to know about attraction. That is ‘what makes us attractive?’ It also considers why attraction is important to us as humans. The talk also covers issues such as attractiveness stereotypes and the social profit hypothesis.

Being Successful in Online Dating

In this talk, some of the issues regarding how we can be more successful in online dating will be considered. Issues such as whether we can find love on the Internet and how we can make this last are considered.

Nonverbal Communication

This talk looks at how nonverbal behaviour is used in human courtship. One of the things discussed here are the rituals people use in nonverbal displays, and how nonverbal displays are signals of attraction.

The Psychology of Love

The Psychology of Jealousy

Maintaining a Romantic Relationship Online

The Dark Side of Online Relationships - Dating Scams


Martin gave us an humor-cational talk at Ignite Cardiff #25 in September 2015. It was educational because it was full of research and interesting citation, but humorous because his rapid and terse style had our 400-member audience in fits of laughter from start to finish. Many of those in attendance referred to the statistics and observations from Martin’s talk for hours, and the enjoyment lasted well into the night and beyond. “We’d welcome Martin back at any point, but I’m saving him for a slightly larger event we have coming up. He’s my ace in the pocket, as his fusion of science and laughter makes him an ideal candidate for speaking engagements like this.

Ed Barnett, Ignite Cardiff

Martin spoke at Ignite Liverpool event recently, he was a thoroughly entertaining speaker with great stage presence. He was very professional in his preparation and delivery, he stuck to the brief and addressed his subject area with clarity, delivering in a humours and more importantly for us a timely manner. I see hundreds of talks each year, his talk remains with me and still raises a smile.

Neil Morrin Organiser Ignite Liverpool

I met Martin when organising Speakezee’s first event in Cardiff in February 2016. From the outset Martin was very keen to contribute to the event, which aimed to make science more accessible to the general public. He was easy to liaise with, rapidly responding to my emails and actively seeking to further promote the event via his Twitter page and website. On the night of the event, Martin gave a talk entitled ‘Why online dating doesn’t work!’ The tone of the talk was perfect for the audience at the event, it was relaxed and informal. The talk went down well with audience members; it was particularly well received as there was a perfect mix of scientific ideas and humour to keep the audience engaged throughout. Despite tackling some complicated ideas, Martin was able to do this with ease and I feel people were able to learn something from, as well as enjoy this talk. The talk prompted numerous questions from audience members, many of whom had met via online dating. Martin handled these questions well as this made for some really interesting debate, discussion and audience interaction. Based on my experience of working with Martin, I would thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for events in the future.

Dr. Emma Yhnell B.Sc. AFHEA Ph.D. Research Associate & Lecturer

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