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My life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1992. Doctors told me there was no known cure, to go home, avoid any mental, emotional or physical stress and I might be all right for four to five years.

I made the decision then and there not to believe them and an inner exploration began. I made a commitment to heal my life (not CFS) and I was willing to do what-ever it took. I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark on and what I would find.

As I explored beneath the surface, I found some old fearful and outdated beliefs I held on tightly to about my self, God, and Love which were working against me, making me super stressed and anxious and separating me from natural well-being. Bit by bit I eased myself above those diseased beliefs until I found myself, God and Love in the same light. Looking back, it’s easy to see that chronic fear was present long before the fatigue showed up. CFS could have easily been called Chronic Fear Syndrome.

My mission in life became one of raising faith. I was inspired to step into those bigger shoes and begin what feels like an Olympic Journey, inspiring and supporting others like me to step up and cross that fine line from fear to freedom.

I have worked with a variety of kids and adults from all walks of life presenting an array of life and life threatening challenges. Over the past few years my focus and my support have been centred within and around mental health. With all the money being poured into the industry anxiety and depression continue to cripple families around the world. To me, it’s obvious; we are mind, body spirit and if we leave one of those out of the equation we disable our self and often those we care for.

My role now is to find a way to get Spirituality out of the mental health closet and restore Faith as the foundations for holistic healing. As we integrate Faith as the foundations for conventional and complimentary health practices and medicines surely we will have a much better chance of disabling anxiety and depression and other fear driven illnesses. This means that as soon as we refocus our attention on what’s missing rather than what’s present in the mind body system we will sooner find the link to healing and ongoing well-being.

My series of down-to-earth, Inspired, thought-provoking and healing ‘I AM’ lectures are available to the public and private groups and organisations. They offer inspiration for kids and adults, families, carers, support workers, or anyone in the area of support or leadership. They are all based on restoring the natural in-built foundations of Faith.  As we turn in and reconnect we can turn away from the bombardment of fear, the fearful and insane information imposed upon us as well as the old-age self-driven crazy beliefs we have developed and allowed to run our lives.

I love the quote from TS Elliot: ‘Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go’

Are you ready to have those crucial conversations? Are you ready to see how far we can go in disabling those fear driven illnesses, so we can reunite with our ability to do things which before seemed impossible?

I am …

Blessings Marie

My Specialist Subjects

A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health

They say there is a fine line between madness and being a genius. And I am sure most of us will know at least one of those people. As we are willing to see these people differently we might just get to see a genuine person and a genius mind being reflected back! Isn't it time to stop being afraid of our own genius and genuine spiritual self and to explore who we really are beyond our conditioning?
With mental illness on the increase around the world it's time for us to think again and to take a new approach.

Who Cares for the Carers?

We are in an era where carers have become one of the most valued roles in the community. However, many of these carers take on this enormous role without being fully equipped. We often become stressed and time poor and we forget that we ourselves are emotional human beings with unique emotional needs. As we forget this we can also over-look the unique emotional needs of those we care for.
“As we the carer work on the ‘I AM’ (faith) premise for our selves we will fully understand that the premise also works for the people we care for. Hence we are the carer and the one being cared for.”

The power of our beliefs

I found that it isn't what happens to us that creates hell in our lives; it's the stories we tell our self and the beliefs we form that keeps the hurt alive and us dying. As we remember that the quality of our beliefs and stories determine the quality of the life we lead, we look at what drives them - the higher and lighter energy of Faith or the lower dense and dark energy of fear. Do we listen to the unconditional lighter voice of our higher self talk or do we listen to the limiting, critical voice of our lower self talk?
By listening carefully I can hear beyond the stories my clients tell me to the beliefs and the stories that runs their life. As we address these issues the presenting issue has a much better chance of easing.

Family Dynamics

Many people are still wearing the beliefs of their ancestors.Many of these hand-me-downs are generations old and well past their use-by date. And they wonder why they are running around in circles trying to appease and please others. Letting go of those psychological apron strings can be difficult and if not addressed can lead to either conforming to a life of others or rebelling, often in an appropriate way in order to make our own mark on earth. YOur willingness will bring Faith on board allowing you to take that first of many little steps

Chronic Fatigue syndrome and other debilitating illnesses

I found that fear is often the driver behind many illnesses, or at least can prevent the healing from taking place. Through fear or lack of acceptance we often suppress the emotions of grief, loss, trauma, anger, sadness, hatred and an array of others. As we do we also suppress the powerful flow of life's energy and essence of self love, meaning we leave our most valuable healing kit buried beneath the rubble of the presenting problem. We dam ourselves up. Can you imagine how much energy we use up trying to keep that dam from breaking? No wonder many of us are chronically sick and tired. And to add to the problem many people I come across are still claiming that there is no cure for certain diseases - and as they believe so it is. People have told me and others that we couldn't have had chronic fatigue syndrome if we are claiming to be well! By committing, not to heal the issue but to restore self love and faith we raise our awareness to bringing in new ways of re-treating the physical symptoms and restoring well-being


Stress is commonly known as the modern day disease. And how true that is. Excess stress is the same as fear and most of it is unwarranted. Both stress and fear can become habits and need to be addressed at root level. Stress can create disease, disorders, illness, weight gain or loss, pain and behavioral problems. It can slow down the healing process, prevent people from getting well, from overcoming injury, pain, or achieving their goals and dreams.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression affect huge numbers across the globe. Are they not from the same source of fear? Depression and anxiety can be connected by the same underlying attachments and beliefs. Those attachments acts like a pendulum swinging from the depths of despair to the heights of anxiety and back again. High levels of stress or fear keeps us wound up like a jack in the box. We often need to be in control and yet we yearn for freedom. The need to understand and be perfect perpetuates the situation. As we judge it we create even more conflict and we wonder why we can feel as if we are going mad. We put even more pressure on our mind/body system, as we push down hard against what ever it is we don't want to see or don't want others to see. The effort it takes is exhausting and leaves us fatigued. Eventually, having run out of steam, that very thing we were trying so hard to suppress pops or blows up out of control. We push the lid back down again and declare never to let it out again. Dealing with the stress and fearful beliefs at root level is the key to healing the presenting issues and releasing the pent up steam more easily and naturally.

Grief, Loss and Trauma

Unrecognized and unresolved grief, loss and trauma can be stored as stress in our mind/body system. This stress can result in conflict, illness, disease or breakdowns of some description. (any of the above) Again working with the underlying stress and stressful beliefs can release the old trauma, ease the diseases and resolve the inner conflict. I found that as soon as the pain or trauma disappeared from my system I was able to remember the good times again with good feelings. With that I could also see my future in a new light.


What comes first the addiction to the chemical we use and abuse or the addiction to the chemicals we produce through self abuse which causes us to go outside of our self to find something to make us feel better.. Often it is the addiction to guilt, shame and blame that keeps us caught up on the swings of addiction and aversion. The more pressure we put on our self to give something up the more guilty we are likely to feel and the more likely we are to surrender to the addiction. When we refocus our attention on what we want to achieve instead of what we want to give up we will more easily see those deeper beliefs that hinder us. As with any addiction or aversion we need to bring faith into the picture so we can choose from a place of love rather than fear.

Weight loss

We see many overweight people doing their best to lose weight and often without success or putting the weight back on again after the diet is finished. . The more we put pressure on our self to lose weight the more likely we are to fall back into old comfortable patterns. Often the weight can provide us with an unconscious sense of protection. We can over-eat as a way to fill that hole or to push down what desperately needs to come out. Again when we get beneath the surface we find the real reason for the weight gain or for the weight not coming off . When we put faith in the drivers seat we will arrive at our destination more safely and easily


We can keep trying to heal our past hurts for years and years but if we are still carrying guilt, shame or blame around with us we will continue to rock the boat and often find our selves drowning in a quagmire of pain. We can not bring about healing from such a shallow and muddy mind set. Many people spend a life time trying to understand the "why" and let's face it, often we will never know why. All we do is to deny ourselves the good health well-being we are looking for. Only through the power of acceptance or forgiveness which is driven by faith that we can we let go of that old painful energy and hurt and become all for-giving again. Through this process, and if it is necessary for us to know the 'why' the understanding will come through a higher level of consciousness. As the pain leaves we are able to see everything in a brand new light.

Seeing Spirituality in a new light

I found that it is not always easy to teach spirituality because it is very personal and will be different for each individual. Spirituality isn't about conforming. It's about transforming those old outdated man-made and sometimes mad-mans beliefs, going beyond our conditioned way of thinking,and knowing who we really are without the masks and labels that limit us. I found that by being willing to change the way I saw God, love and myself, the light went on and the darkness of fear disappeared.

Love Therapy

My experience and my time as a professional practitioner and my personal life has shown me that no matter what tools we have to choose from, real love or faith are the most natural and powerful of the lot. When we step aside and let faith turn us on it becomes that which turns all tools into power tools. When this power is applied it has the capacity to overcome and become the solution for all things.

Raising faith and lowering fear

I found that no matter what the issue, raising the natural essence of faith or self love, or self awareness (or what ever you want to call it) automatically lowers the un-natural energy of fear and love becomes that which turns the key to driving our life and our body more gently and safely to higher levels of living, loving and achieving. I found my fearful beliefs about God, Love and my self were keeping me at arms length and from all that I wanted. When I restored Faith I rose up to See God, myself and Love in the one light and all things became possible.

The Power in Awareness

Our A N S W E R S are in our A W A R E N E S S .... this means that by practicing remaining present, in the here and now we will become aware of what we are thinking, feeling and believing. Once we are aware we are given new choices as to how we think, feel and believe and act. Awareness begins the process of change.


Hello, it’s Mel … I can’t thank you enough for “I AM”. Seriously, it helped me so much. I’m not really sure what I did before I listened to all of your wise words. I feel so different now. I’m happier and becoming closer to people. People want to be around me. I have more confidence to try and not be afraid to stand out. It’s given me confidence and I realize I can achieve what I want. I am here for a purpose. It has made me want to help others around me. To share the things you have shared, with people that I believe need to know. I want everyone to hear what you told me. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Thank you Thank you Thank you Marie!


Dear Marie, I read your book in one sitting, apart from a few breaks to allow me to process the emotions your words managed to bring to the surface. And there were many. I love your style of writing, straight from the heart. Marie your courage openness and determination have truly touched my heart, again reaffirming the love that I AM. I'm sure there will be many clients, friends and relatives that will benefit from your profound words.


Dear Marie … Thank you so much for helping me with the program “I AM”. Never have I ever truly felt this way for a very long time. I know it’s a learning stage as we grow up but I’ve learnt to deal with issues, feelings, emotions and attitude towards different things in a more positive way. This course has helped me believe that I’ve got a lot more potential than I realized. I can help inspire other people to show their true self without being afraid. I wish it went for longer because seriously it’s really worth doing. I know it’s helped me a lot and I would like to say thank you !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. With love … Allie


Thank you Marie, I am often thinking of you, especially when I am reading, for I seem to come across text or verse that reminds me of you. I am very well and I contribute that to you and our work more than the medical side of things. You may never know how much you have done for me, but I do! My love to you and thank you again …Graeme


Again I THANK YOU with all my heart for your consistent prayers, healing, visualizations and positive thoughts. One day I expect to hug you in person again to thank you for all you are doing to help me at this critical time in my life! When I pray for those who pray for me I simply visualize your smiling face, surrounded and permeated with white light (and a little silver, gold and pink light too!) in the hope that you know how much your prayers and thoughts mean to me. My love and gratitude always …Peter


Dear Marie – You are a special beautiful and unique soul. Thank you for all the love and support and guidance on this journey of mine these last two weeks. I’ll treasure our time together always … lots of love Marcia


I AM a Spiritual Approach to Mental Health is a compelling narrative. Marie 'strips bare' the artifices of life and uses her 'Chronic Fatigue' diagnosis to go within and find herself. Marie eloquently describes a myriad of 'warts and all' experiences which led her to Freedom. In short- a transformation from a conditioned program to a place of self love. As a reader this book spoke to me loud and clear. I am convinced the profound messages in this book will assist many others to overcome fear and become connected to source through self love and Faith.


Marie has made a huge difference in my life by helping me find, help and develop my Self. As a result of that many others connected to me have also benefited. If you believe in Karma (cause and effect) then I highly recommend that you “cause” your self to meet her and the “effect” will ripple through you and others you come into contact with … Paul, Paul Flynn Properties


Marie, It was a pleasure to meet you. Your presentation was truly inspirational and so relevant for me to hear right now as I am heading for a change and getting back to who I am. Timely to say the least! … Belinda


Thanks so much for the help you have given us. It is really appreciated and you’re a lovely person and I want to be just like you – you’re my idol. I want to be able to help people as much as you do … thank you Tahnee x x


Marie, thank you for all of your support. I appreciate it dearly. You are such a great role model and a special person. Thanks for helping me out Marie … Love you Aleshia x x


Reading I AM a Spiritual Approach to Mental Health is like having a conversation with Marie - It's simple reading and yet powerful. Within days, I found myself using some of the simple intervention tools in my life and passing them on intuitively to others.


Marie takes the fear of God, out of the equation and gives faith a new meaning. I love the way she talks to me throughout her presentations and books. I passed on I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health to my teenage daughter as it is easily read by young and more mature people. Her love shines through the pages.


Clients I've Worked For

  • Beerwah SHS
  • MIFQ (Mental Illness Fellowship Qld) - now RFQ
  • Fountain of Life (alternate cancer clinic)
  • IYFS (Integrated Youth & Family Services)
  • Paul Flynn Properties (Property Development)
  • Malaney SHS
  • Chancellor SHS
  • Sunshine Beach SHS
  • Smile Education
  • Qld Health Department
  • Qld Education Department
  • F.SG (Freedom, Social Justice, Growth)
  • OTCP (On Track Community Programs)
  • Planet Radio 88fm ( hosted show "The field of all Possibilites")
  • PCCS (Primary Care and Community Services)

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