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Wheelers Hill VIC, Australia
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About Ms Maribel Steel

Maribel Steel is an engaging intuitive speaker, seeing obstacles as stepping stones to personal success!

Having been diagnosed with an incurable eye condition while still at school, her life-challenge has given her the opportunity to embrace change. The sudden death of her mother in Australia while she was undergoing experimental treatment using bee-stings at the age of 17 in the UK also forced her to develop great inner strength and generosity of spirit.

Losing her eyesight has given Maribel awareness of human potential, and born from necessity, she has developed powerful life-strategies and insights into the surprising benefits of overcoming adversity.

Maribel enjoys helping people to say YES to Abundance, NO to Limitation.

An entertaining style with a bright and bubbly outlook puts people at ease during her presentations and memorable stories.


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Maribel is a life-educator, writer and published author. She has promoted vocational training for the disabled, spoken in secondary colleges and tertiary institutions, encouraged foreign children to learn English through song and created original programs in many spheres.

Mother, singer, aroma therapist, audio quality control expert and surveillance transcriber have been just a few of the varied roles she has played in her life journey. She was also project co-ordinator for the launch of ‘Our Watermark’ for the Victorian Women’s Trust.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Maribel is the International Vision Loss expert for and contributes regular articles as a Peer Advisor and International Correspondent for VisionAware – (AFB).

She has been featured in print and online journals, has given numerous radio interviews and podcasts, delivered webinars and is an emerging ‘Visionpreneur’ in her field.

Maribel’s web presence includes

Radio Australia, Hadley School for the Blind (US), Vision Australia Radio, Low Vision Bureau (Colombia), Freedom Scientific (US), Eyes on Success (US) and her author and travel blog websites


nominated for the Australian Writer’s Guild Best Achievement Award in Writing (Non-Fiction)

As a writer and author, Maribel is a member of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), Writers Victoria and has been featured on the International Authors Forum (IFA).

Accessible Books Consortium – Judge

Maribel was invited to join a selection panel of judges from around the world who recently judged the Accessible Books Consortium 2016 International Excellence Awards for Accessible Publishing. Winners will be announced at the London Book Fair 12 April 2016.


nominee for :The Brenda Gabe Leadership Award (Women with Disabilities)
The Daily Life Women of the Year Award
Finalist – Williamson Community Leadership Program Scholarship award

I love to demonstrate how anyone can transform the seemingly impossible into the possible.

Maribel’s mission is to help people master life’s unexpected challenges differently.

“I like to bring the mirror of truth up close to see the hidden potential buried within every unexpected change. It’s all about how to glide gracefully out of our comfort zone and know we will either find something solid to land on or we will learn to fly!


My Specialist Subjects

Are We There Yet? Tales of Blind Travel

Hold on to your hats! We are venturing into another world. In this lively presentation, audiences get the inside scoop of the good, the bad and the hilarious aspects of traveling blind. Maribel shares her many travel tales of France, Spain, England and Australia with her film producer - partner.

Come on a journey of touching landscapes, once Maribel guides you through her world ‘unseen’, your audience will also see the beautiful life one may master and enjoy!

The 7 Essential Colours for Intuitive Living

Explore seven key attributes linked to colour. Discover an exciting and intuitive way to express your true self and at the same time organise daily living.

Maribel reveals how colour is a vital portal through which we may see into each other’s worlds for better communication.

A Lovable Life: Creating a Positive Vision

Audiences will be touched by Maribel’s honest unravelling of what it was really like to be diagnosed with an incurable eye condition at 15, undergo bee-sting therapy and lose her mother to cancer 2 years later and yet go on with a grateful heart to fulfil a career in the creative and healing arts.

Maribel’s journey into blindness is one of the best things that ever happened to her and she can’t wait to tell your audience why!


"Maribel Steel is, without question, a demonstrated Australian cultural leader and influencer – who also happens to be blind. Most importantly, she has begun working intensively to bring her message of hope, engagement, and artistic expression to the world. I have the highest regard for Maribel's leadership abilities.”

Maureen A. Duffy, VisionAware

"Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation- what a great insight for the girls. We would love to have you back to talk to the younger girls as well.”

Katie Rose, Teacher, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak

“Your writing swells my heart with possibilities and determination!”

Amy Bovaird, Author & Speaker

Absolutely beautiful. I love how you interweave your language. You come to a strong and brave conclusion that blindness is an attitude, and it is up to you how you handle it. There is much beauty to your truths.”

Amanda Socci - The Creative Gal

Clients I've Worked For

  • VisionAware
  • Victorian Women’s Trust
  • The Song Room
  • Spring Studio

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