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About Mr. Malcolm Teasdale

Born in Coventry, England, Malcolm Teasdale could possibly be the most travelled person you have ever met, but more about that later.

An entrepreneur from the technology industry, he created companies from the ground-up into successful organizations. The most recent start-up, he sold to a major corporation in 2013, by creating much sought after intellectual property, building an international presence in 70 countries and a workforce of skilled and passionate employees. He has presented at many trade shows and sales events globally and more recently on cruise ships at various locations around the World.

Although travel was an important and necessary part of his business life, in recent years he has ventured into locations that may beg the question of “Why on Earth would you want to do that?” Such escapades as trekking in the Himalayas, climbing to a Buddhist Monastery at over 10,000 feet, camping in the Mongolian Wilderness and diving with Whale Sharks, exemplifies his spirit of adventure.

Suffice to say, he has plenty to say to pique your interest, from the grand and spectacular to the bizarre and risqué, all presented with an element of that dry British humor (humour). He has written 5 successful books, all travel related and as he closes in on visiting 100 countries, more “words of wisdom” are forthcoming. Learn a little more about how the rest of the World works and become amazed and fulfilled.

His presentations are about business, foreign cultures and adventure travel. They are factual, educational and humorous.

My Specialist Subjects

Making a success from an idea

Richard Branson once said, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” and also applies to ideas you create yourself. In fact, pretty much everything ever invented is always going through a process of improvement. Malcolm offers his story and advice while you “fly by the seat of your pants.”

You are never too old for adventure

Malcolm Teasdale retired and took on the some of the lesser known places on planet Earth, and is now addicted to learning how the rest of the World lives and works, and he’ll show you how easy it is. Factual and educational talks that create new ideas, new rewards and everlasting memories. Start packing your bags.

Become bilingual – learn American and English

A bit of humor (aka humour) as Malcolm Teasdale tackles the nuances of the American and English languages. Don’t travel across the Atlantic without with these words of advice, and then fit right in with the local cultures. Malcolm is both a citizen of the USA and the UK and has spent half his life in each country, becoming an expert in the matter through experience.

Destinations, etc.

Some history, geography, and “things to know” about Great Britain, Caribbean, Baltics, Nordics, and parts of Asia.

A candid look at sports in Great Britain

The Games. The Characters. The Rules. Enough information to confuse the average person. Football, cricket, darts, snooker, horse racing, golf and some of the more unusual activities. You can laugh but you also have to admire the Brits in their efforts to be competitive at anything.


Malcolm is a fantastic person, his knowledge on his subject is phenomenal. He is one of the greatest persons I ever met, his humbleness and behavior with his team mates is outstanding. He is a very dedicated person and an amazing personality. I am really proud to be his friend.

Rajiv Sharma

Malcolm is not only ultra-intelligent and very capable in technical knowledge, but also is a great team member and easily my favorite manager.

Martin Mizeracki

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