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FL, United States
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About Dr. Joseph Christiano Doctor of Naturopathy

I am a Naturopathic Physician, author, speaker, entrepreneur, former Mr. America and Mr. USA Body Building competitor. Personal trainer for Sylvester Stallone, Brian Lavant (Leave it to Beaver / Executive Producer), Bonnie Bodelia, Michael Bolden / vocalist. I have spend over 45 years in the field of Nutrition and Exercise, developed Body Genetics nutritional products/supplements. I have authored Amazon / Home Shopping Network and QVC best-selling book The Answer is in Your Bloodtype and Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU and recently released Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain.

I have created a K-4 Whole-Health Curriculum for K-4 children entitled Dump the Junk.

I have been a featured guest Health expert in many magazines, National TV and Radio Shows

I reside in Deland, Florida with my wife Lori.

My Specialist Subjects

Chronic Pain

Due to the millions upon millions of people both in America and throughout the globe who suffer with some form of chronic pain, I inform, educate, encourage and provide remedies and modalities for eliminating chronic pain and chronic illnesses with natural remedies i.e. adult stem cell activators.

Weight Loss/Management

Obesity being in epic proportions throughout America and many other countries I approach eating, weight loss, weight management, detoxification, etc. from a genetic perspective not a 'generic' perspective. I educate and focus on one's individuality their blood type and body types for being most accurate and efficacious when becoming healthier, more vibrant, weight reduction and disease-free living.

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