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Weston-super-Mare BS23 4AW, UK
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About Dr John Kirkhope

Dr John Kirkhope

Retired Solicitor /Notary Public/ Research Fellow at Plymouth University

B.A. (Hons), LL.B.(Hons), P.G.Dip.Law, Dip.N.P., Ph.D.

Email: john.kirkhope@gmail.com   Tel: +44 (0)7775 911094

Summary of my Background

  • Variety of Careers in the Civil Service, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, Financial Services and latterly the Law when I re-trained as a Solicitor qualifying in 2000, and then as a Notary Public in 2004
  • Set up my own firm in 2004 after working for a number of law firms – though now mostly retired
  • Doctorate obtained in 2013 from Plymouth University – thesis was on the position of the Duchy of Cornwall and the status of the Prince of Wales in United Kingdom Law
  • Written books and law articles; given numerous interviews with the media
  • A legal Geek, particularly interested in laws that are eccentric, bizarre or odd

Considerable experience in giving talks and public speaking

My Specialist Subjects

Royalty Related

i) The Rights and Obligations of the UK Sovereign
A balance of both the serious and light hearted benefits and obligations of being the UK Sovereign. For example: Does the Queen own all the land in England and Wales? What does Crown Immunity mean? What is the Royal Prerogative? Can the Queen break the law and does she “own” the Royal Navy? What are the duties of the “Washer of the Sovereign’s Hands” and why does the City of Gloucester send an eel Pie and Great Yarmouth send 24 “herring” pasties to the Queen each year? These and other questions are considered.
ii) Queen Elizabeth II – One Head Many Crowns
For a supposedly small Island nation, you may be surprised at the extent of influence the Crown has around the world. This talk explores the different "hats" worn by the current UK Sovereign: Of how many countries is the Queen, the Queen? What is the difference between Queen Elizabeth II and Mrs Elizabeth Windsor? What is a “Crown Dependency” and are the Orkney and Shetland Islands part of the United Kingdom?
When cruising through the Caribbean, just think how many of those lovely islands have the UK Monarch as the head of state…!
iii) The Heir to the Throne – An Impossible Job?
The legal text books are clear the Heir to the Throne, currently Prince Charles, is a private citizen and a subject of the Crown. Yet he must stand ready to become sovereign at any time. So does the sovereign in waiting have any special privileges and obligations? Or is he simply a private citizen like any ordinary UK citizen. This talk considers the issues.
iv) Diana Princess of Wales – conspiracy or accident?
This talk outlines the controversy surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Recent surveys suggest the majority of the population believe there was a conspiracy associated her death. The various issues in the light of the verdict of the Inquest Jury are explored.

Bizarre and Strange Court Cases

B – Legal trivia: entertaining cases, facts and laws from around the world
i) Bizarre and unusual court cases I
This is a collection if Bizarre Legal Cases from the UK and around the world. It includes, for example, the woman who sought a divorce because her husband had not spoken to her for fifteen years and had communicated entirely by post it notes, why you cannot call your child “Tula does the Hula from Hawaii”, “No 16 Bus Shelter” or “Cyanide”, the man they tried and failed to hang three times and the person sentenced to 141,078 years in prison.
ii) Bizarre and strange court cases II
This continues the theme from the above and includes the man ordered not to laugh, the individual who was absent from work for 24 years which no one noticed despite the fact his pay continued. There is also some consideration to the church of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, the Mayor in Italy who made it illegal to die and the pot-bellied pig and the damage inflicted on a Harley Davidson.

Odd Laws and Ancient Courts

iii) Odd Laws, Curious Traditions and Ancient Courts
Is it illegal to be drunk in a pub? Why a London Cabbie cannot carry a corpse, what are you not allowed to do on a pavement and what are Crown Roads (where are they and what are you allowed to do on them)? The talk is not limited to the United Kingdom and considers why the USA bans the import of Haggis, why Spanish Butchers may not sell a rabbit without its head and why you cannot get cremated in Greece. Also explained is the “Wenlock Olympic Games”, Preston Egg Rolling and the Blessing of Throats

Legal Issues for Silver Surfers

C - Legal Issues for Silver Surfers – British Passengers
This talk is intended to help the “more mature” to address issues which, based on my experience of advising and assisting clients, are those areas giving rise to most concern. It includes some “Do’s and Don’ts”, consideration of Lasting Powers of Attorney, Care Home Fees, Making a Will and dealing with Estates. On a lighter note it also includes some more of my unusual cases I have dealt with like the legal dispute over a worthless pouffé and the case of the 17 elephants.
Follow up seminar
Based on past experience the above talk generates a lot of questions which often I did not have time to address. Thus the idea developed of arranging a follow up meeting in which more particular advice can be provided. In the same way Cruise Ships will often offer help with clients’ IT issues so a similar facility is provided for in respect of Legal Issues for Silver Surfers.

Clients I've Worked For

  • Saga, P & O, Fred Olsen

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