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About Dr. Jody Janati Ed.D.

Trainer, speaker, conference facilitator… Jody Janati has a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership, and a Masters degree in Speech Communication. She has taught in higher education for over 20 years and offers a variety of public and professional workshops on conflict reduction tactics and effective communication skills. During her academic career she worked in various leadership roles, taught for over a decade at both the University of Minnesota and the MN state prison system. She currently trains for numerous organizations throughout the US. Dr. Janati is also the author of DailyOm’s best selling online course, “Protect Yourself from Control Dramas” Create Your “MasterPeace” with Dr. Janati!

My Specialist Subjects

Drama Free Communication

Seminar Description
Learn 101 things to “say and do” during difficult interactions. Maintain your personal integrity through effective communication strategies that really work. Participants will learn step by step responses to transform difficult conversations. Multiple techniques will be discussed to ensure you can find your voice, maintain wholeness and go unimpaired while engaging others during difficult interactions. Be cool, calm and collected and set healthy boundaries with others and ultimately find your "Conversation Peace."

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Learn to Use Assertive Communication as a Fair and Reasonable Response
• Make Use of Effective Assertion Models - 101 Things to Say & Do During Difficult Interactions - Step by Step Guide to Effective Techniques
• Identify the Imbalance of Passive, Aggressive and Passive/Aggressive Communication

Protect Yourself from Control Dramas

Seminar Description
People “get their way” with others by making them pay attention to them, and then elicit a certain reaction from them to make themselves feel fulfilled. The positive feelings gained are won at the expense of the other person. This often causes imbalance and drama in our interpersonal relationships. Learn about common control drama patterns and how to negate them. Understand and respond to attempts made to gain influence at your expense. Awareness of these dramas can lead to understanding and forgiveness, as awareness alone often equals change. The more you understand someone, the easier you can forgive them.

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Identify Behaviors that Cause Imbalance in Interpersonal Communication with Others
• Understand and Apply Strategies to Defuse Negative Behavior Patterns
• Learn Strategies to Effectively Address and Eliminate Drama

Balance Your Boundaries

Seminar Description
Choice, chance & change; the three C’s of effective communication. You must make a choice to take a chance or your communication with others will never change. Boundary setting is not about trying to change other people; it is about setting limits and deciding what you are willing to allow. It is your responsibility to communicate your boundary in a respectful manner that is firm and consistent, and be willing to enforce it when needed. Learn steps to cultivate healthy boundaries with others and stay on the “grow.” You can’t change people, but you can change your responses to them. May this process help you find your “conversation peace.”

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Identify Mutual Interests and Experience Fair Problem Solving Methods
• Learn to Improve Group Communication with Drama Free Messages that Support a Cohesive Environment, While Addressing Key Issues
? Define Assertiveness and Apply Step by Step Techniques that are Fair and

Lead with Your Assertive Voice

Seminar Description
Most professionals are faced with difficult interactions where their integrity can be compromised. Explore how to effectively communicate, especially when functioning in the role of a group facilitator or leader. Leading with your assertive voice allows you to be clear and concise across diverse audiences while maintaining a professional tone. You will learn how to balance your personal appeals and better understand how to structure a message that best suits your communication style. Step by step methods for dealing with intense conversations and correcting broken relationships will also be discussed.

Workshop Learning Objectives:
? Learn How to Communicate in Your Most Effective Assertive Tone
? Understand How to Best Frame/Outline and Deliver a Message for an
Intended Audience
? Apply Professional Responses that are Free from Excuses and Other
Disconfirming Messages
• Learn How to Set Healthy Boundaries, Deliver Bad News, Say No, Foster Accountability and Manage Another’s Expression of Anger

5 Star Speaking Skills

Seminar Description
“Say what you mean, mean what you say and shine when you say it!” The ability to speak effectively is an asset in any public or professional setting. Learn effective construction and delivery techniques to ensure your message is delivered as intended. Apply the “STAR” formula for delivering successful presentations. Develop five star speaking skills as you learn how to Start with a solid structure, Target your topic, Appeal with authority and Realize your rapport. Learn to connect and direct your audience. Review the presentation “points to ponder” to fine tune your delivery and illuminate the room during your next speaking engagement.

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Format Your Message in a Linear and Logical Layout that Listeners can Readily Follow
• Establish Your Credibility While Speaking to Ensure You Build Positive Rapport with Your Listeners
• Understand How to Incorporate More Emotional Appeal to Engage Your Audience and Connect with Them on a More Personal Level
• Structure and Outline Your Messages for Special Occasion Speaking Events [presenting/receiving awards, toasts, eulogies, etc.]

Healthy Self Talk = Healthy You

Seminar Description
Grow through it! Drama free communication starts with you. The way you talk to yourself directly impacts how you both behave and interact with others. Examine how your self-talk often creates more drama in your life than is necessary. Learn to reframe your destructive thoughts into solutions based thinking. Control your thoughts or they will control you. Explore strategies to help change your negative thoughts and go from “you stress” [bad stress] to “eustress” [good stress]. Understand how thoughts affect reality and how to work through your anger, fear and stress.

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Identify Personal Stress Triggers and Learn to Avoid “Plugging In” to Them
• Understand and Apply Strategies to Defuse Negative Self-Talk
• Learn Strategies to Effectively Address and Eliminate Intrapersonal Drama


I was the highest rank professor at the University of MN for class feedback and reviews for a decade. I have many testimonials that I would be happy to get to you in another format = scanning for example.


Clients I've Worked For

  • I have spoken for over 400 companies including Netflix, 3M, Anderson Windows, Western Union Railroad, etc. I currently train over 90 private prisons for Corecivic

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