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About James Fraser Photojournalist

After a 30 year career in newspapers, I lecture on a wide range of subjects, from politics,including the EU referendum on the Vote Leave battlebus, to travel, the UK Royal family, and dinner with the Taliban. All lectures are illustrated with my high quality photography from his career. As Fred Olsen World Cruise Photographic Tutor 2018-19, my wide ranging experience of events, people and places were shared with my guests, from the highs and lows of the Royal family, political campaigns of all hues, to the birth and rise of celebrity culture and experience of trouble spots including Northern Ireland and the Afghanistan conflict. A huge range of images will be shown to give life to these stories. Working at the business end of news  has given me a profound insight into the personalities and events which have dominated the headlines over last three decades. I tell the story with humour and self deprecation. News photographers have only three foes – Time, Events and the World. Apart from that, everything’s easy!. I started my career photographing the Royals in the heady days after Charles and Diana’s wedding. In 1985, I got  a world exclusive of the young princes William and Harry playing in a park in west London. It was published in British newspapers, Paris Match, and Time Life in America. After working on the picture desks of the Times, Sunday Times, Mail, Mail on Sunday and The Observer, I went full time as a photographer with the Daily Telegraph in 1989 being closely involved in coverage of the fall of Margaret Thatcher and the main players associated with it. The Telegraph sent me to the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grands Prix, America, the Middle East and most notably, Afghanistan in 2001, travelling in the desert with Taliban soldiers in Khandahar province.

When you arrive on assignment and your airport taxi has three bullet holes in the front wing, you know you’ve come to an interesting place. There’s also a lot of fun pictures to take, especially at the Edinburgh Festival which I’ve photographed 10 times. Covering major elections since 1979 has given me a fascinating insight into the political world, photographing prime ministers Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron – surviving every encounter intact. Politicians are wary of photographers. A split second can be rather embarrassing for them. His work has also enabled him to photograph many personalities and celebrities over the years, and the great thing about being a professional, is it gives you an entrance ticket into the world of famous people.

My Specialist Subjects

Boris Johnson/Vote Leave/EU Referendum

The Battle Bus with Boris. Inside the EU Referendum. My journey as official photographer on The Controversial Vote leave Battle Bus during the 2016 campaign. The campaign, and the aftermath.

Press Photography

Life Through a Lens. Secrets of Press Photography. Illustrated with 150 press images from my career in Fleet Street. Presidents, Monarchs, Celebrities and Politicians. Encounters with The Good, The Bad and the plain Ugly.

Taliban/Afghanistan War 2001

Dinner with the Taliban - a photographer's story. My journey into their Heart of Darkness during the Afghan War of 2001, camping in the desert with feared Taliban mullahs and soldiers in their heartland, Kandahar. With their recipe for curry.


Politicians V The Media, in pictures. Covering politics for 40 years, my take on the simmering war of words, battle of column inches and downright hostility of our politicians and media. Definitely Not a Party
Political Broadcast. Plus : When Donald Trump told me "You're Fired!"

Royal Family/Prince William/Princess Diana

Royal Photography, William, Kate and the 21st Century. How the Royal family have caught up with the modern world. William - The Student Prince, Family man and Future King.

South Pacific/Travel Photography

The Beautiful South Pacific. Exploring and photographing the South Pacific, I chart the journey from The Americas, to Pitcairn, Easter Island to Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Vanuatu to Noumea in French Polynesia is pictures. How to capture great images of this beautiful ocean and it's islands.

Komodo Dragons

Walking with Dragons. A personal photographic account of my journey through Komodo Island, Indonesia with encounters with the feared and deadly Komodo Dragons. These modern day dinosaurs are poisonous cannibals, who kill anything in their grasp.

Clients I've Worked For

  • The Daily Telegraph UK
  • The Sunday Times UK
  • The Times UK
  • The Daily Mail/Mail On Sunday
  • Cunard
  • P&O
  • Peel Talent
  • Fred.Olsen
  • Grand Circle USA

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