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I am passionate about Making Things Better (MTB as I call it). It frustrates me when I see things that could be so much better—quite often simple ideas that can be easily implemented and have a massive effect on your business.

LinkedIn is a classic example of a habitually underutilised resource. I have a variety of ways I can help you with this—from half day and full day workshops (open and in-house) right through to a hands-on bespoke 90-day coaching programme.

I started in sales in the mid-eighties when no-one had heard of CRMs or Sat-Navs. Back then it was Rolodex cards and a box full of street maps!

I paid my dues by pounding the industrial estates of the Midlands for a company that no-one had ever heard of, but they soon did!

I treated this as my apprenticeship and moved on, after a couple of years, to a blue chip company who really invested in training their sales people and it was here, over a number of years, that I really learned about the art, science and psychology of selling.

I read extensively and attended seminars by the greats of the selling world, including Tom Peters and Robin Fielder.

I enjoy putting into practice what I have learned and I still have a great desire to improve my skills and to help others do the same. This is why I take great pleasure in sharing this knowledge through leading sales teams, and training & coaching others. It still gives me a buzz to see excellent sales technique in action.


I also have extensive knowledge and experience of lighting and the lit environment.

Having worked for one of the leading lighting solutions companies, I have always had a passion for good lighting, and have never lost that inclination to look up every time I enter a building!

I also provide support and advice to lighting manufacturers, importers & exporters, distributors assist them gain the relevant testing accreditations and certifications they need to sell their products in their desired markets around the world.


My third great passion is school governance. Whilst my children were growing up I became a school governor, firstly at a primary school where I was Chair of Governors for 6 years, and then at a high school where I have been Chair of the Personnel Committee for 15 years.

Both schools achieved ‘Outstanding’ status during my tenure, with the high school subsequently converting to an Academy.

Now, utilising that experience, I provide training and support services to governors and others associated with education to help them drive improvement in schools. I do this with great joy and enthusiasm as there can be no greater investment of time and money than in the education of young people.

I really do love helping people and businesses to grow and prosper. So let me help add value to you and your audience by sharing some of my experiences and tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

My Specialist Subjects

Using LinkedIn to Get More Business

How to build a powerful LinkedIn profile and proactively find, connect in the right way and engage easily with your ideal contacts – missing out the gatekeepers! Imagine – no more cold calling and unanswered emails!!

Sales Mastery

Selling is a skill like any other. It needs familiarity with the requirements and lots of practice to be proficient at it. Learn some tricks of the trade about the art, science and psychology of selling, learned in over 30 years of being ‘out on the road, leading sales teams, and training & coaching others.

Time Mastery

Is this the best use of your time right now? Do you measure your RTI (Return on Time Invested)? Do you just have a basic ‘To Do’ List or does it reflect your Urgent/Important priorities? Do you have a Default Diary to make sure that you allow time to carry out all of the tasks that are important to your business?
Your time is your most important and valuable commodity. You can never get it back. Learn how master your time, not let it be the master of you!.


"Big thank you Ian, since your excellent guidance in December my connections have increased by 200%+ (250 to 500+) and I also have a full diary for follow up meetings in January 2016 ."

Alan Hill

"Ian is a very engaging speaker who encourages audience participation and interaction to get his message across in a fun but informative way. He has a wealth of knowledge to share in the fields of sales and marketing and i would thoroughly recommend attending one of his presentations"

Winita Roberts

"Ian was a speaker at our Coffee and Natter Business networking event a few months back and he did a 45 minute presentation on Linkedin to a diverse range of approximately 40 business owners all with different levels of usage and understanding of Linkedin. The delegates got the benefit of a real life situation and results were shown immediately. It was clear for all to see that there is room for all of us to learn and develop our knowledge and understanding further and use this fantastic tool to its full potential."

Safaraz Ali

"Having worked alongside Ian for the past few months, I can never fault his energy and enthusiasm for what he does. The way in which he communicates the point he is trying to get across is straight to the point and I like that. If you need any help, Ian is always there."

Nigel Parry

"Ian has proved not only to be a highly beneficial contact but also a great trainer in both of areas of expertise; LinkedIn and Sales. Throughout all training sessions and networking event encounters with Ian, he has kept the audience engaged and enlightened with key strategies and invaluable information. He is easily approachable and will do his level best to help you either himself or through his vast network. Would recommend Ian to all without reservation. Keep up the good work!"

Ahsan Husein

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