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iceland, Iceland
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About Herdis Pala Palsdottir MBA, ACC

I want to help leaders and organizations with their Success -and rid the world of grumpy old people!

My strategy for this is to work with leaders on their 360° Success, in work and life.  The foundation being Self-Leadership.

I have been working in the field of HR Management and Operations for the past 15+ years, in C-suite and VP positions most of the time.
– Along with this I have been running my own business, mainly doing executive coaching, speaking, training and writing.
As a speaker and a trainer, and teaching in two universities in Iceland, I have for the last few years given 25 – 60 presentations and lectures a year.  So the numbers of presentations and lectures I have give are in the hundreds.

Educational wise I have a MBA degree and am internationally certified ACC coach.

I have already publised one book; Rekindling Your Spark: A Strategy for Better Self-Leadership.
Next book will be published soon, its title is Heart Based Leadership: 5 steps to follow in work and life.


My Specialist Subjects

360° Success

This subject I can both do as a presentation and as a workshop.
I go through my own model for 360° Success, which outlines 6 areas for Self-Leadership and 6 areas for Leading-Others.


This subject I can both do as a presentation and as a workshop.
I go through 5 steps to follow for better Self-Leadership, to go from the question of What? to turning the answer into an action.


We had Herdís Pála help us in the preparation for our competition at the 10th European Championships in TeamGym. The Icelandic team, champions from the two prior competitions had a chance to defend their title on home ground and was under considerable pressure to perform. During her talk Herdís touched on many of the main issues affecting the team in its preparation phase. She did it in a very clever and subtle way connecting things that happen inside the gymnastic arena to things we need to deal with in our every day lives. She obviously hit the right note as throughout the rest of the week Herdís’s advice was referred to many times by the team both during training and daily meetings. We were very happy to have Herdís help us and I would certainly love to have her give some more advice to our team before the next international competition.” – Björn Björnsson National Coach for Iceland’s Womens TeamGym Gymnastics Team

Iceland´s Womens TeamGym Gymnastics Team

We had Herdis Pala come and give a presentation to our employees, on Energy-Management, Job Satisfaction and Quality of Life and how we can link all of this for our best interests. The presentation was a big success; Herdis Pala sure knows what she is doing. She was well prepared and very professional. What she was presenting was very fresh and interesting and people could very easily relate to the examples she gave. It is always good to take some time to pause and remind ourselves of everything we have in our hands, how we feel and how much quality of our lives we are going for. I can for sure recommend Herdis Pala for you“ – Birna Kristin Jonsdottir, Head of Training at Central Bank of Iceland

Central Bank of Iceland

Herdis Pala´s presention called “Are we doves, owls, swans or peacocks in the land of penguins?” turned out to be both fun and educating. It is always very useful to have a reminder on the importance of respecting diversity in the workforce, how we can better see ourselves in the shoes of those who are different from ourselves and how we can make better use of this diversity. Herdis Pala proved to us the obvious, she is experienced speaker who presents with ease and has the ability to present in a very interesting and lively way.

The Institute of Internal Auditors

We had Herdis Pala come to one of our all-together-workday to talk about communications. She approached the topic in a very memorable and impact way that appealed to every participant. We gained understanding of the importance of allowing every employee to express his/her talents, even though we are different, have different opinions and diverse personalities. Herdis Pala presents her content in a fun and lively way, with great ease. The time we had with her was well spent. – Mr. Asgeir Eiriksson, mayor of Vogar

The Municipality of Vogar

Clients I've Worked For

  • Central Bank of Iceland
  • City of Reykjavik
  • Actavis
  • VR (A commercial and office workers' union)
  • Landsvirkjun (Iceland´s National Power Company)
  • In Form Slovakia
  • Nordural (Aluminum plant)
  • Reykjavik Police Department
  • GlaxoSmithKline

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