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About Heather Mills

Over the years Heather has developed into one of the best motivational speakers on the circuit as it is not just those that have experienced severe trauma that can benefit from Heathers particular brand of motivational magic. Heather is a renowned Keynote speaker contacted regularly by businesses, societies and various groups to give inspirational talks, to an audience consisting of anything from 30 to 3,000 people, and lasting from twenty minutes to two hours. Not needing any notes gives her the ability to address the workforce or membership of any field on a universal theme and has taken Heather as Guest speaker to meetings all around the world.

A life as rich and diverse as Heather’s brings a human element to any topic, and makes a refreshing change from your typical podium-hanging, paper rustling speaker. Heather has learned how to turn the most negative of situations into the most productive, drawing on her boundless energy reserves, and a strength of mind and resourcefulness that has enabled her to achieve so much in so little time, overcoming hurdles that would have stopped most of us before we had even started. Heather’s life changed forever when in August 1993 she was involved in a road accident with a police motorcycle and suffered numerous injuries including crushed ribs, a punctured lung, multiple fractures of the pelvis and the loss of her left leg below the knee.

It was Heather’s single minded determination during her recovery that shone through when she received much media attention after her accident and many people claimed to have become motivated and inspired themselves by her positive attitude and approach to her recovery. With the intense media interest in her quick recovery, and her inherent ability to identify an opportunity to help those in need she set up the Heather Mills Health Trust to use redundant artificial limbs from the UK and redistribute them in the then former Yugoslavia. Just one year after this accident, Heather arranged for the first convoy of artificial limbs to be sent to Croatia. Since then over 400,000 amputees and survivors of landmine explosions around the world have been helped.

Heather’s personal experience as an amputee and the positive manner in which she dealt with her own recovery gives Heather a unique insight and affinity with those who themselves have lived through a tragic experience. Heather uses her experience and motivational abilities when counselling people from around the world who have lost limbs in accidents, through illness, natural disasters and terrorist atrocities. Her personal advice, determination and commitment help them and their families realise that they too can continue to lead rich and fulfilling lives despite their injuries. It was in this spirit that Heather recently appeared on the Hit US Television show Dancing with the Stars proving this point in spectacular cart wheeling style and donating her fee to the Charity Viva!

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She has accomplished so much and she has inspired so many people along the way

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Heather Mills is a dynamic personality with a wealth of knowledge

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