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About Mrs Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard is the Managing Director and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd. She is a compelling communicator, with work previously published in The Times and Hello! Magazine. Hayley tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences’ working lives. Her company MIX works with large organisations such as ASDA, Travis Perkins and HSBC.

Hayley is a communications expert having studied marketing at postgraduate level and then worked in internal and external business communications for over 17 years. Her specialism is in strategy development, communication planning and execution. Hayley’s focus is to improve inclusiveness, reduce inequality and bring competitive advantage to organisations through development and communication of innovative D&I strategy. She is an experienced trainer on unconscious bias and effective communication.

Hayley recently returned from the Arctic Circle as part of the ‘LeasePlan Women’s Arctic Challenge’. MIX worked with LeasePlan to develop this unique platform to communicate the gender balance issue and challenge unconscious bias within their company. You can view an overview film of this unique diversity project below on this page.

My Specialist Subjects

"Biased, who me?"

For employees to reach their potential a culture of inclusivity, that allows people to truly be themselves at work, is essential. Yet why is that so hard?

Using story telling and anecdotes, Hayley explains the science behind unconscious bias – both positive bias and negative bias – and why balance in the workplace is worth striving for.

• What is unconscious bias?
• Why and how we are all biased
• Positive and negative bias and it’s role in the workplace
• How to recognize your own bias
• How to overcome your own bias
• How to be an inclusive manager/leader

Popular with: Annual Employee Conferences, Management Meetings, Leadership Conferences, HR and recruitment.

The Science of Female Promotion

With the possibility of female-board-member quotas being enforced on business in Europe, companies are increasingly having to work hard to ensure they have a pipeline of women to senior level.
In this keynote speech Hayley explains what we know about what helps women get to board level and how organisations and women can build that into their career planning.

• Gender balance – a critical business issue
• Inclusive Leadership
• Stemming the leaky pipeline
• Differences between male and female employee motivation and attitudes to promotion.
• Highlighting best practice and women at the top

Popular with: Women’s Networks and Conferences, Leadership Conferences.

Inclusive Leadership

Developing leaders to be more inclusive in their leadership and management style is essential for any organisation that wants to see significant progress in diversity and inclusion.

Using inspiring ‘best practice’ stories combined with the latest research, Hayley will cover:

• How D&I can help drive business results
• How D&I can be a fundamental driver of one’s leadership style.
• What does inclusive leadership look like?
• How you can shape, take ownership of, and be a role model for your organisation’s D&I strategy.
• How to hold yourself and others accountable to meet diversity goals.
• The value of ‘difference’

Popular with: Management and Leadership Conferences and Executive Briefings to Boards.


“You are doing such amazing work in the Diversity and Inclusion space. You are one of the few companies I have come across who really gets D&I in terms of both the importance but also in terms of what we can do about it. Thank you for working with us.”

Sue Jex, Head of Employee Relations at HSBC

"Hayley presented at our Senior Management Conference on Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership, we have had fantastic feedback in terms of the great content which was delivered in both an engaging & authentic style."

Dan Forbes-Peptone, Talent & Capability Director, Skanska

Clients I've Worked For

  • T-Systems
  • LeasePlan UK
  • Care Quality Commission
  • UCAS
  • Diageo
  • Skanska

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