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About Hanieh Chehrehnegary

Hanieh is an energetic, passionate and confident individual who oozes personality when speaking or presenting. Hanieh was inspired at an early age to become a speaker and presenter after giving her first presentation aged seven. It was at this time that she started to understand the dos and don’ts of presenting. Judges in a Cumbrian Dialect Competition declared Hanieh first in a competition after finding it extremely interesting that a girl whose first language is not English is able to speak an old English dialect. This was quickly picked up by local newspapers and ITV news allowing Hanieh to make the headlines.

In 2002, Hanieh attended Roehampton University and it was here that she decided her dream to become a presenter and speaker was one not to be tampered with and chose to prepare and deliver presentations for her assessments. BBC Presenter, Trish Adudu held a seminar at University titled “Pitch Idol” offering students the chance to pitch programme ideas as well as offer them tips on getting into TV. After the seminar, Hanieh bombarded Trish with emails so Trish offered Hanieh work experience on her live show on BEN Television. This was in May 2005. Since then Hanieh has presented the entertainment news, produced the show every week and has hosted the show several times in Trish’s absence.

After seeing her work, Life Success Consultant, Cynthia Eguridu offered Hanieh the host position on Life Success TV. This gave Hanieh the opportunity to interview top speakers and entrepreneurs including Bernie De Souza, Johnny Wimbrey and Alexander Amosu. Hanieh has since hosted many events and seminars for Cynthia Eguridu and Bernie De Souza and has recently shared the stage with Communication and Relationship Development Expert Dr. Robert Rohm after completing the Insights Institute Speakers Bootcamp. She has also completed Johnny Wimbreys Speak for Cash Mastery Course. In addition to this, Hanieh has completed many other projects such as reporting from Screen Nation Awards for Whoa! TV, being the finalist for the MSN Movie Competition, MOBO TV and is a regular on the BBC Asian Network Forum.

Today Hanieh is a TV Presenter, Public Speaking & Confidence Coach and holds a BA Hons degree in Media and Cultural studies. She has her eyes on changing people’s lives so that they can defeat any fear they may have and move on with pure confidence.


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You Have The Confidence

Everybody has confidence in them – however some people feel they have no confidence. It is my duty to show you where your confidence is and help you bring it out.

Get Your Confidence Back

You feel as if one year ago or so you had all the confidence in the world. Great job, great partner, great social life! Something along the way happened that caused your confidence to be shaken and you’ve lost your job, partner and you go out much less! You blame your confidence therefore you feel like you’ve lost all your confidence! I’ll show you how to start using the confidence you once had!

People Want To See You Do Well

Everyone has something in their life they are afraid to do! Take a driving test, ask someone out, or speak in public. Your afraid to do this because your the only one doing something different! People want to see you do well. With the right word and guidance, I can guarantee you’ll come back with a successful result.


I was blown away by her style

Roy Day Personal Development Consultant

An exceptional TV presenter. I have been on many live TV programmes, she is the “real deal” fast on her feet and spontaneous with her words, simply the best

Bernie De Souza Best Selling Author

Her energy, passion, and genuine curiosity puts Hanieh in a league of her own

Johnny Wimbrey Founder-CEO — Wimbrey Training Systems

Hanieh is one of the most gifted people I know. She is passionate about helping others who do not know or recognise their full potential"

Trish Adudu TV & Radio Presenter

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