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Glasgow, United Kingdom
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About Frank Shapiro

Frank has been involved in, and is still involved in, various successful businesses and is an established motivational speaker.

Whatever your event, from corporate events to awards ceremonies and small groups, he is the perfect speaker for rounding off any dinner with his sharp wit and presentation skills.

If you are looking for a top professional inspirational speaker with years of experience then look no further. His relaxed approach motivates and enthuses his audience

Frank is just as effective working with intimate groups of 10 people as he is delivering seminars to over a thousand. His approach to small workshops and large seminars is similar; to engage the audience and get the message across in a relaxed and professional manner.

Frank’s speaking has taken him all over the world delivering seminars and motivational talks to audiences as diverse as business professionals to cruise ship workshops and lectures and European retreats.

My Specialist Subjects

Starting a New Business

For many people the ultimate career would be starting their own business and making it successful. Frank Shapiro has started and sold successful businesses over the years. He knows what it takes to not only have the drive and ambition to make it work but what is needed in preparation for things to go smoothly. Business planning, budgeting, premises, product and everything in between. Having started and sold one of his million pound turnover businesses, this talk is inspiring and practical for anyone in or thinking of being in business

How to Turn off When on Holiday

This is a perfect session for people on holiday. We spend so much time looking forward to a well-earned break only to find that we spend the first few days trying to wind down and the last few days stressing about going back home. Frank has travelled all over the world giving talks, seminars and workshops to people on holiday. Here he will share some of the secrets to making a holiday a time of fulfilment from start to end leaving our batteries re-charged and ready for our return

Public Speaking

For some it comes naturally and for others it is a struggle. Public speaking be it in preparation for a best man’s speech or to deliver workshops and seminars can be both daunting and a thrill. In this session Frank looks at how to overcome fear nerves and most important of all how to prepare properly for having the spotlight on you when presenting and facilitating.

The 3 Stages of Fame

We seem to live in a world where people want to be famous. The curious thing is that many are happy to be famous for being famous instead of being famous for a talent they have. Frank Shapiro has managed top entertainers and coached them to success. He know the pressures they go through and in this session looks at what happens in the 3 stages of fame …. Before, during and after its gone

Couples and Relationships

These workshops are a light hearted informative look at relationships and would be suitable for people of all ages who are: Starting out on a relationship, Contemplating marriage or a long term commitment to each other, Recently married, or Have been married for a long time. Self-Care, Values and Commitment, Communication, Resolving Disagreements, Friendship and Partnership, Sex, Spirituality, Trust and Affection, Family and Community, Magic and Romance

Attract Your Ideal Partner

How can you expect others (friends, family or a potential partner) to be attracted to you if you are not first attractive to yourself? During our time together we will look at how attraction works, especially when it is for a partner but will also look at attraction in general. We will learn what it is to be attractive from the inside out, and understand that by being your authentic self you will attract like-minded people and interesting situations towards you just like a magnet. We will consider love, lust and self-limiting beliefs as well as things that have stopped you in the past from having the close intimate relationship you want. This relaxed time together is ideal for men and women of all ages who have the desire to have a lasting relationship that really works


Fantastic talks and good feedback from audience. We have worked with Frank before and will definitely have him on board again soon

David (P&O Cruise Director)

I have attended 3 of franks small workshops and 2 of his seminars. Some of the things I learned were life changing. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Frank

Maureen Jenkins

I felt isolated and alone. Listening to what Frank had to say in one of his attraction talks was inspiring.

Lilly Oprings

Clients I've Worked For

  • British Airways
  • Sunday Herald (Columnist)
  • Capital Radio (London)
  • Various Cruise Lines
  • Skyros Greece
  • Skyros Isle of White
  • Various WI
  • Fat Cows Retreat Spain

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