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About Diane Lang

Therapist, Educator and Life Coach Diane Lang has dedicated her career to helping people turn their lives around and is now on a mission to help them develop a sustainable positive attitude that can actually turn one into an optimist, literally.

A therapist and educator of Positive Psychology, she has seen that it can provide a strong foundation for finding great happiness and is gratified that it is becoming a mainstream method of treatment. A parent herself, Lang has taught Positive Parenting to parents and written extensively on the benefits of using it with even the youngest children. She has also spoken or conducted seminars on postpartum depression, striving for balance versus having it all and practical tips on interviewing, networking and dressing for success and is the author of “Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career”.

Diane is a therapist at the Universal Institute in Livingston, NJ and counsels patients with traumatic brain injury and substance abuse. Her clinical experience includes treating patients with different forms of mental illness, physical and emotional abuse and relationship issues.  Lang is also an Adjunct Professor in Psychology at Montclair State University and Centenary College; her college work includes mentoring students for individual career counselling and personal issue advisement.

As an expert in her fields of therapy, Lang has been featured in the Daily Record and Cookie Magazine, seen on NJ 12 TV and the national television program “Fox & Friends”.  She has also participated in a reality based Internet show, hosted Generation X-tinet and appeared in various educational videos. In addition Lang writes a bi-weekly column “The Working Mom” and shares her expertise on parenting on The WTBQ Expat Show.

Sample List of Talks

The Positive Parent
We all want to be the best parents we could be but how? Using Positive Psychology as its foundation, we can raise our kids to be more optimistic and happier. Learn what traits can be learned? What should you be teaching your child? What types of environment nurtures a child towards a positive life style? Are you a positive role model? Learn ways to encourage your child to be the best they can be. Remember, Happy parent = happy children.

Create Balance and Relieve Anxiety
This workshop is designed to help create a balanced lifestyle by relieving stress and anxiety. Learn the signs of “Burnout”. Learn the impact of stress and anxiety on your body. Learn ways to simplify your life. Learn simple techniques/tips that can help you feel less stressed and more balanced. Learn ways to feel more empowered and motivated. This workshop will help educate you on what really makes us happy

Happiness – Living an Optimistic Lifestyle
We all want to be happy but what truthfully makes us happy? What are the myths of happiness? Can we work on being happy? What can we change in our life to make us happier? What personality traits can be learned? Learn new ways of thinking and behaving that will make your life happier like expressing gratitude, setting life goals, long term & short term happiness, positivism is contagious, Learn tips and techniques to make your life a more positive, happy journey.

New Beginnings — a Talk for New Moms
Join Diane Lang, MA, Psychotherapist and mom for an informative discussion. Being a new mom can be exciting and overwhelming. This workshop provides a place to talk about the changes in our lives and perceptions. Discussion will include the necessity of self-care, changing identity, differences between baby blues and post partum depression, and the ups and downs that are a normal part of new mothering. We will discuss: The necessity of self-care. Motherhood and you’re changing identity. What is the baby blues? Post partum depression? Share the ups and downs of being a new mom. Gain support from other moms.

Baby Steps the Path from Motherhood to Career
From Playtime to Career — this course is about taking the steps to position yourself and prospective employers to optimize your return to work. Learn how being a mom helps you to be a productive employee as you discuss the challenges and learn how to “Get back into the swing of things” in professional employment. What you’ll learn: Successful Interviewing tips. How to Dress for success. Being comfortable talking about the “Gap” on your resume. Showing confidence about your Mommy time off. How being a mom helps you to be a productive employee. Discuss the challenges with other moms.

Creating Balance for Moms
Juggling family and work — finding balance in a busy life. Can we have it all? Probably not but we can still have a successful and balanced family life. This workshop will give you the tools you need to find happiness and a balance that works for you. What we will discuss: Making your own definition of “Super Mom”. Happiness — what does it mean to you? What is your value system? Asking for help — it’s ok to say no! Mommy Guilt — are you trying to reach perfection? Are your goals realistic? Are your expectations of yourself and others realistic? The importance of self-care. Tips for a more organized, balanced life.

The Developing Child — Part 1 & 2
Have you always wanted to know what your child should be doing cognitively, emotionally and physically during the pre-school years? What tasks can they master at each age? This workshop will discuss the developmental milestones for pre-school age children (ages 2-6). What to expect of your child socially, emotionally and intellectually. We will discuss the importance of play, make-believe, creativity and imagination. Learn how your infant and toddler develop. This is an amazing time for your baby — they are learning how to crawl, walk and talk. This workshop will go over the developmental milestones from 6 weeks to 2 ½ years old and give you a brief summary of what to expect from your child developmentally and how you can help your child through each developmental stage.

Letting go of Anger
In this workshop you will learn: Recognize your anger — the different sources of anger and types of anger. Triggers — what triggers your anger. Understand your anger. The consequences of anger both physically and emotionally. Tips on letting go of unresolved anger — including relaxation techniques and more.

Identifying Learning Disabilities in the pre-school classroom
This workshop helps parents and early education teachers learn the signs and symptoms of learning disabilities and developmental delays. This class will provide you with information on early intervention. Problems caught early give students/children a better chance for success.

Multiple Intelligence
This workshop introduces you to the theory of Multiple Intelligence created by Howard Gardner. Learn the eight different types of intelligence and how using this theory helps you problem solve, learn and communicate better. Information learned will enhance relationships between parent/child, teacher/student, boss/employee and spouses or partners. Using multiple levels of intelligence we could determine where our child’s strengths are. How our child is unique and help encourage our child to learn using the different intelligence’s that they relate to.

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