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England, United Kingdom
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About David Pibworth

David Pibworth is an experienced speaker. He is also a working actor and director within light entertainment.

David started at quite a young age producing shows for some of the greats like Norman Wisdom and then went onto comedy writing before taking to the stage as an actor himself.

He also fronts the comedy band, The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs, who play with many groups such as Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen and appear annually at The Monster Raving Loony Annual Conference.

David is always a welcome guest speaker with his ability to give informative talks and regale an audience with an anecdote or two.

My Specialist Subjects

The Silent Clowns

A trip down memory lane with Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, and the lesser known comedians of that era.

Directing Comedy on Stage

The various styles of comedy and their backgrounds that David has directed, with the history of the authors and different methods of making audiences laugh, plus a section on slapstick stage combat.

Impress Them with Magic

A trip through various pieces of easy magic, which anyone can perform, with demonstrations and props galore, ending with David's short version of his Tommy Cooperesque show.

The War Time Comedians

A History of the entertainers who kept this country and the forces entertained during the second world war.

Hey Mr Producer

Producing light entertainment shows. A personal perspective of the business of show production, it's pitfalls and characters.

History of Musical Comedy

A short history of musical comedy of the last century from music hall, through Flanders and Swann up to Bill Bailey.

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