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London SW1A, UK
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About Prof. Daniel Rossall Valentine

An experienced, imaginative and humourous speaker, with two separate speaking specialisms:

One is based on a successful corporate career in high-tech investment and communications with a strong track record in strategic and financial communications.

The other specialism is as a published historian with a focus on local history, experienced in talking to diverse groups about local history, cultural history, and architecture.

Daniel was educated at Oxford University, King’s College London & the University of St.Andrews.

Daniel is a qualified educator, with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Edge Hill University.

Daniel’s talks are carefully designed to engage with all levels of audience understanding and motivation, to ensure that they satisfy those seeking intellectual stimulation and those who like to be entertained. His presentations are rich with visual and intellectual stimuli and Daniel’s method of audience engagement allows him to quickly adapt to different audiences.

As well as the talks names below, other talks on current affairs and history are available by arrangement, including destination specific talks.

Talks can also be lengthened at request.

My Specialist Subjects

History & Architecture

• Unlocking Buildings 1 – The secret rules of architectural beauty: why some buildings are more beautiful than others.
• Unlocking Buildings 2 – Revealing religion: How to find religious meaning in buildings, both sacred and secular
• Unlocking Buildings 3 – The symbology of buildings: the most important symbols found in buildings and where to find to find them
• Unlocking Buildings 4 – Culture & architecture: how buildings represent, reinforce and reveal culture
• The power of ideas – the twenty most important ideas in the history of the western world and how they influence you today
• The architectural and cultural glories of the Greek and Roman empires
• A brief history of the Mediterranean
• What the Greeks and Romans did for us – the roots of western civilisation
• St Paul’s travels in the Mediterranean – overview and insight
• Top ten architectural and historical sites on your cruise – a personal view
• Inside Downton Abbey – the values, lifestyle and residences of the English aristocracy in the early twentieth century
• Who are the Freemasons? A short history of Freemasonry in Europe and an overview of current practices and beliefs
• A history of the world’s most powerful secret societies
• A brief history of propaganda – how public opinion has been shaped over the last 400 years
• Understanding mythology (Classical, Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, Anglo-Saxon)


• Technology 1 - The future of technology - How socia media is changing the way we interact and think
• Technology 2 - The future of technology - Is America now post-industrial? How technology is shaping work
• Technology 3 - The future of technology - How technology is shaping politics and democracy
• Technology 4 - The future of technology - How technology is shaping terrorism and security
• Technology 5 - The future of technology - Ten new technologies that might change our world

Finance & Communications

• Communications 1 - Politics & news: how journalists create “news” and how politicians use the media to change public opinion
• Communications 2 – Reputation: how it is created, protected, lost and recovered
• Communications 3 - Crisis communications: how to prevent corporate crisis through careful communication
• Communications 4 - Social media: how to protect your online reputation and promote your interests
• Investment 1 - How the stock market works
• Investment 2 - How to pick high performing stocks: using stock markets to generate income

Destination introductions

• Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, Monte Carlo, Genoa, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens


"Daniel has everything that you would want from a speaker – depth of knowledge, clarity of presentation and, perhaps most important, the ability to adapt to the demands of the audience and occasion."

Prof Michael Addison, Principal of Abbey College, London

Clients I've Worked For

  • Weber Shandwick, Conservative Party, Citigroup, Oxford University, Oxford Union, Thomas Cook plc, British Army, Ministry of Defence, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK Parliament, United Arab Emirates Government, First Gulf Bank, Church of England, American University of Sharjah, Government of Republic of China (Taiwan)

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