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About Craig Thomas Hammond BA GrDip

When Craig Thomas Hammond was 8 years old, he realised he was different from other children. He would open his mouth to speak but no words came out. He had a massive speech impediment – a chronic stutter. He left school with no qualifications and worked menial jobs, hiding away in factories – not that there is anything wrong with working in factories – knowing that he had massive potential but was too fearful to do anything about it. Craig attended a speech course called the STARFISH Project when he was 32 years old and was able to gain some control over his stutter which gave him the confidence to go out into the world and start exploring.

Craig, now a speaker, author and trainer, graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in his late 30’s with a BA Honours Degree in Youth Work Studies and Community Development and from the University of Chester with a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies. He also won the Adam Ayub Award for inspirational qualities from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012.

His first book CLIMB your Mountain is climbing up the best seller list and has had some outstanding reviews. His writing is intentionally down to earth, practical and easy to understand.

My Specialist Subjects

From Total Devastation to Standing Ovation

This speech takes you through Craig’s life story. The anguish from not being able to speak, leaving school with no qualifications, not being able to read his son a bedtime story all the way to becoming a sought after Inspirational speaker. Prepare to be inspired.

Riding the RAPIDS of life

RESPONSIBILITY – Any change begins with taking  response-ability.

ATTITUDE – Which inner voice are you listening to? Victim or Victor.

POTENTIAL – You are destined for greatness.

ICEBERG – You have hidden depths waiting for you to tap into.

DETERMINATION – How much do you want it, I mean really want it?

SUCCESS – You were a success before you were born, why stop now?

CLIMB your Mountain

COMMITMENT – It’s not over until you reach the peak!

LEADERSHIP – You have to lead yourself first!

INSPIRATION – What will get you there?

MOTIVATION – Why are you climbing the mountain?

BRAVERY – Have you got what it takes to look fear in the eye?


Craig Thomas Hammond is truly inspirational and a shining light to mankind. If you are fortunate enough to meet him and listen to his story of the unimaginable struggles he has endured and overcome you will be humbled but at the same time inspired to be the best person you can be. Each time you encounter a challenge (small or large) in your life recall the emotive words spoken by Craig and you will realise that very little is insurmountable. Craig Thomas Hammond is a remarkable young man that everyone should have the chance to meet and listen to, he will touch your heart and change your outlook on life forever. I feel privileged to have met him and hope that I hear him speak again.

Margaret Parrott Trust Lead Cancer Manager (NHS)

“Craig’s speech was a million dollars”:

Colin Firth, Hollywood Actor and Oscar Winner for his role in the King’s Speech.

Your talk was exceptional and inspiring, far better than 95% of speakers who I have seen and that list includes many famous speakers in the last forty years.

Andrew Walker, Optometry practitioner

It is hard to believe that the speaker addressing over 500 delegates from Rotary clubs from District 1270 in the Spa Hall in Scarborough, had formerly a massive speech impediment. Craig Hammond has struggled throughout his life with a severe stammer, causing him considerable distress from taunts and bullying. This in turn led to a serious lack of confidence and depression. Craig however was not to be daunted by his difficulties, and fought back to overcome his speech impediment, gaining in confidence and dedicating his time to inspire others facing difficulties of any type. Craig is certainly a passionate and inspirational speaker, and I have witnessed many people listening spell bound, some moved to tears, as Craig tells of his determination to turn his negative experiences into a positive conclusion. If you are looking for a speaker to hold guests attention, with a story of heartache and courage to overcome adversity, then look no further, and contact Craig Hammond. You will not be disappointed.

John Green, President of Barton on Humber Rotary Club 2014-2015

Truly inspirational guest speakers enthralled the audience: including RI President John Kenny, Big Issue founder John Bird and polio survivor Ann Lee Hussey. The show,though, was stolen by Craig Hammond.

Bournemouth Rotary International Conference

Hi Craig I would just like to say thank you again for your after dinner speech at my charter. I have had very good feedback from my fellow Rotarians they are saying what an inspiration you are…but it said it all when you sat down and they all stood up.

Richard Johnson President of Woodhall Spa Rotary

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