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Missouri, United States
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About Mrs. Carey Portell Inspirational Speaker/Blogger

My roles include:Inspirational speaker and blogger,mother, wife, farm hand and photographer.

My four year recovery after being a survivor of a drinking and driving collision has sparked a passion to inspire others along a positive path in life. My journey is compelling, humbling and I share it with gut wrenching honesty.

My Specialist Subjects

Driving Under the Influence:Your Choices Matter

Two of our daughters and I are survivors of a Drunk Driver.
One choice changed our family's lives forever.
What choice will you make?

Agriculture-Grace & Grit

Acting as the primary care taker of our 420 acre cow/calf farms as a woman with handicaps can be accomplished with preparation and creativity. I am an advocate of AgrAbility and provide a testimony to their desire to help any disabled farmer.


Having a history of working with patients in the healthcare system, I can now give employees a perspective from both sides of the gurney.

Faith is like Wi-fi

The Lord played a huge role in my recovery and decision to begin speaking publicly about my tragedy. The kicker is I didn't like what he was urging me to do!


We had several communities rally around our family for my four year recovery from this car collision and I enjoy sharing/bragging on how large an influence they were in keeping our attitudes positive.


This morning for the first time I went and listened to this amazing lady speak, about her tragedies that she and her family go through on a daily basis...... The thoughts that go through my head are hard to put into words! She is a very inspirational person that makes me smile every time I see her it doesn't matter if I have seen her recently or months have passed she still has a smile on her face, a glow in her eyes, and the most up beat attitude on life. Even though tears were shed today as I watched and listened to her tell her story she still walked off that stage smiling and ready to meet each person one on one.....Carey Portell I just want to say Thank u for being who u are, for being my friend, and for being such an amazing example of Strength, Forgiveness, Hope, Choices, Faith, LOVE and showing us all that with determination and GOD all things are possible! I am beyond proud of u and the accomplishments u have surpassed.

Nikki Hancock

Clients I've Worked For

  • Wallis Oil
  • Missouri Baptisit-Sullivan
  • Think First-Columbia/MU & St. Louis/BJC
  • Missouri's Public School Systems
  • OMG Women in Ag
  • Ameren UE
  • Rolla Police Department
  • Crawford County Emergency System
  • MADD
  • Montana Farmers Union
  • Vocational Rehab
  • MO State Ag Teachers Conference
  • MO State Traffic Safety & Blueprint Conference

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