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Bridgid Ruden: Inspirational Speaker & Published Author

Motivational Speaker since 2009

In May of 2008, I suffered traumatic brain injury following a bicycle accident. I re-learned basic life skills such as how to walk, speak, read, write and continue to be challenged with my disabilities. Frustratingly, I had to let go of my meaningful career as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  I created a large part of my healing journey through restoring and re-defining myself which established my life’s purpose.  Today I focus my healing energy on sharing my miraculous story. Amazingly, I have successfully presented nationally and internationally as well as appeared on TV and radio and published in both articles and books.  My book, Discovering My Life’s Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

My story has been shared with a variety of health care professionals, health care college students, legislators, adolescents, injury survivors, their advocates and the general public.  I administer education, growth, and perspective to healthcare providers as well as hope and inspiration to anyone suffering. Health care providers describe my presentation as eye-opening and essential. Attendees are amazed, uplifted, inspired and surrounded with hope and reassurance. A patient’s story guides providers to re-examine their medical practice and enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Please view my website: for further information which includes my story, presentation objectives, areas I’ve presented, and the feedback I have received.

My Specialist Subjects

Discovering a Life's Purpose

My description of the presentation varies based on the needs of the audience attending. The bullet points of my presentation:1). An inspirational true story is motivationally shared. 2) A testimony of an amazing, heartwarming, eye opening and beneficial for the audience. 3). Right and wrong ways to assess symptoms and outcomes and to foster healing from traumatic brain injury as well as any type of trauma. 4). Visualize the aspects of a lifelong invisible disease

Radio Shows

1. July 25, 2016. TBI One Love Radio Show which covers 50 states and 32 countries.
2.November 12, 2016. Living Full Out, show, conducted by Nancy Solari, CEO.
3.November 17, 2016 KIYX: Dubuque Super Hits 106.5:
4. November 18, 2016 WGLR 97.9 FM
5. November 20, 2013 Radio Show: Hope Beyond Trauma
6. January 6, 2010 Iowa Public Radio: The Exchange

New Book 2016

Discovering My Life's Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph! Available at Amazon and Barnes in

• "Honest, beautiful writing!" "Bridgid has the unique ability as an author to take the reader on this painful journey with her." "As Bridgid walks through each step of her rehabilitation, she inspired me through laughter, tears and her genuine spirit." "Bridgid's story is about resilience, making her book the perfect gift for anyone on the path of life." "I had a hard time putting the book down!"


1) Shapiro International
2) Business Innovators: inspirational-speaker-interview
3)Vocational Rehabilitation of Iowa:


1). December 10, 2010 Public Access Television: Brain Injury Survival Story

New Audio Book

May 2018, My book, Discovering My Life's Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph, is now an audio book. You can obtain this at:


Bridgid’s presentation as a TBI survivor is profound, miraculous and engaging. Her voice of expression paints the terrain of every emotion that one goes through when life presents a major shift in who you are, what you do and how you navigate through life…one breath at a time. Bridgid threads the lively and interactive presentation with truth, tears, laughter…authenticity. One walks away from her presentation marveling with awe at how strong and amazing she is to have survived such an intense journey of healing. Perhaps we all are touched by an angel when you hear her story.” -Dr. Jane F. Bourgeois

Dr. Jane F. Bourgeois

“Bridgid, you are a miracle.” “I remember as your physician telling you these words in our clinic as I reviewed your brain CT scan from your initial head injury. Although you are not alone in suffering a significant traumatic head injury, I believe that you are unique in your positive approach to your recovery, your dedication to sharing your experience, and your commitment to helping and motivating others to overcome their own life obstacles and adversity. As a physician, I deeply and sincerely admire your efforts and your positive attitude in dealing with a truly difficult and challenging personal experience. I am always pleased to hear of the many positive life changes that have occurred for you as you continue on your journey towards recovery. I also always get a kick out of your ability to share your experiences with the medical system and in our clinic when you speak publicly. I wish you good luck and great success on your book, Discovering a Life’s Purpose and I hope that your message of hope, recovery, and optimism reaches as many people as possible so that they can benefit from your experience, wisdom, and wit. Although we sometimes are witness to events that are miraculous, sometime the real miracles are people like you.” -Dr. Andrew G. Lee, MD

Dr. Andrew G. Lee

"Truly inspiring story. The audience was captivated by your truth and the rebirth of a blessed soul! Your experience is much more than anyone can comprehend! Bridgid, you are grace and an unconstrained spirit for life and love!"

Chip Haney

"Bridgid connects with her audience soul to soul. Her ability to share all aspects of her incredible journey -with humor as well as an open heart -is powerful! She makes you sit up and take notice of your own life!

Julia Theisen

Clients I've Worked For

  • Conferences I've presented are provided both nationally and internationally. All can be viewed on my website:
  • Case Count Management, Action Associated, CEO , Publishers, Health Administration, colleges, universities, health care providers, legislators and numerous faculty members. Also on radio shows and Public Access Television

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