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Brian graduated from Loughborough University and spent 12 years teaching physical education before deciding there was more to life than playing with balls and waiting for bells to ring! After working on several business ventures he set up his own company inspiring people to become all they can become. He is also a founder member of The Professional Speakers Association.

A natural communicator, he is in great demand as a keynote speaker. He believes that life is about choices:

“You can make things happen, you can watch things happen or you can wonder what happened. It`s always your choice”

His core belief is that organisations have people with hidden skills, talents and abilities and is passionate about helping them unlock their true potential. Only then, he believes, can they discover the “hero that lies within” and “slay the dragons” of limiting self — beliefs and fear of failure. His core value is simplicity. He makes the stages of success simple and understandable.

“We spend our lives complicating things, whether that`s our relationships or our business. We’re very good at making life difficult!”

Frustrated by the lack of clarity in management, he wrote his first book, “K.I.S.S.`N`T.E.L.L.” — Insights for a 21st Century Manager. He is not a celebrity. He has no Olympic gold medal. He hasn`t climbed Everest. But he gives people the belief that they can change, that they have choices. He believes that not everyone can be an Olympic champion, but they can do a personal best. Not everyone can be a leader on the world stage, but they can be a leader in their community and family. Not everyone can be a famous celebrity or model, but they can be a role model for someone. They may not climb Everest, but they will have their own mountains to climb.

My Specialist Subjects

Slaying the Dragon

We all have latent talent and abilities and yet how often do we look outside ourselves for inspiration? Learn how to slay your own personal “dragons” of fear and self doubt and develop the qualities to be a “hero” in your workplace, your community and your family.

The Phoenix Factor

Dealing with failure is the most important prerequisite of success. Learn how the world`s successful people have turned failure and adversity to their advantage. Discover the 6 Phoenix Qualities that will take you from setback to success.

Raising the Bar

Tired of being average? Achieving mediocre results in your business? Find out what it takes to be outstanding in your personal and professional lives. Discover the key strategies that will take you to the next level.


He has a stunningly powerful message and an extraordinary ability to communicate with pretty much anyone he comes into contact with

Tim Webster Managing Director — Bodylife U.K. Ltd

Thank you for your keynote presentation. You made a massive contribution to our conference`s success. Your combination of humour and hard hitting observations left our delegates energised and inspired, not an easy feat with an international audience!

Mick Marrison — Sales Director Centennial UK Ltd

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  • Centennial UK Ltd
  • Bodylife U.K. Ltd

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