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About Barry Hayes

Barry Hayes is an inspirational British adventurer, speaker and writer. His gripping talks contrast immensely powerful stories with well-placed humour to not only captivate and motivate audiences, but also to challenge their concepts and ideals.

Barry is most notable for his attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean as part of the world’s first human powered race across the Pacific. After losing his boat, his team, and all of his money just three weeks before he was due to fly out to the start-line, he managed to assemble a rag-bag team and get hold of a very old, borrowed, broken down boat just seven days before the race was due to start. Despite being referred to as the ‘Jamaican Bobsled Team’ of the race, his team not only completed the race, they broke the pre-race world record by 19 days and took home two new records.

After spending two years trying to go back to ‘normal’ he then set his sights on rowing across the Indian Ocean to raise money for and awareness of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, this was an even bigger undertaking but he and his crew successfully completed this crossing in 70 days.

Having spent most of his working life working in the financial sector, Barry’s story of ‘post room boy to endurance athlete’ is a guaranteed winner for corporate audiences the world over.

My Specialist Subjects

Learning Agility

Learning agility is set to be the hot topic for 2017 in both the corporate and educational worlds. Barry's version 'Learning Agility from the Perspective of an Adventurer, begins with a brief introduction as to what Learning Agility and Adventure means to him, before unfurling into an adventure that will inspire and challenge the audience.


Barry provides a framework for audience members to identify and achieve their aspirations. Barry uses examples from his own life to show working examples of the importance of each stage of this framework. This talk can be done as a standalone version or can be provided as a fantastic follow up to either the ‘Learning Agility’ or ‘Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat...’ talks.

Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat...

Geared towards the purists - this talk goes into maximum detail about the rowing adventure - how it came about, the row itself, and the aftermath. Barry talks about the enormous highs and lows, the benefits and pitfalls, as well as offering practical advice on getting involved in your own similar adventures.

Custom Talks

The nature of Barry’s adventures allows him to inspire audiences from a wide range of backgrounds, and the lessons he has learned are similarly broad so a custom talk can be written to cater specifically for your audience.

Barry’s topics, aside from the three core talks listed here include, the reality of plastic pollution in our oceans, psychological strength, endurance and determination, and these can range from as little as 10 to as much as 90 minutes long, but if you do have a specific requirement, please get in touch.


"Our colleagues were blown away by your awe inspiring story Barry. You could hear a pin drop in the room as they hung on your every word. It makes you realise that everyone has the potential to do just about anything, it is all about ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’. You gave people a reason to believe that anything is possible when you come out of your comfort zone."

Shop Direct

Barry has the rare ability to capture and maintain his audience’s attention, delivered with humour and honesty. Barry’s insight in his endeavours are conveyed with humility and provide real inspiration and motivation at both personal and corporate levels.

Swiss Post Solutions

"Barry gave what was a very inspiring, engaging and entertaining talk. His stories were incredibly well received and really encouraging for those looking for their next step. We'd love to have him back in the new year to hear more about his most recent adventures."

Lex AutoLease

"Barry Hayes has inspired our leaders through his key note talks about his adventures in particular from working in the post room at Swiss Post to rowing the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. He shares his experiences, stories, insights and shaped his talks on Learning Agility and Aspiration at MBNA’s request. He also provides a regular blog about his adventures and was voted best speaker here at MBNA in 2015."

Paul Corke, LD Manager, MBNA.

“Barry was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond to adapt his story for our audience, and even re-recorded his webinar on the day the event was going live to ensure the quality was 100% which was much appreciated by the team. Barry’s story is absolutely incredible inspiring both the ACCA team and our students. I cannot recommend Barry enough and we wish him every success in his future endeavours whether he is taking part in another ocean adventure, scaling Everest, or speaking to an audience of 10,000 students!"

Alicia Collier, Marketing Executive, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

“Barry is the kind of speaker who can hold the rooms attention without trying, he’s a naturally fluent orator who injects a level of humour just when you are not expecting it. The content was not only informative but drew you in and you felt you were part of his experience. Of course not many of us would undertake this kind of adventure, but Barry proved that in his own words “he’s just an ordinary guy wanting to do something special” that if we really wanted to we could all have a go at some kind of adventure no matter how small or how big. Barry Thank you for a very interesting evening.”

Malcolm Quick, Porsche Club GB

"Barry is a hugely inspirational speaker who challenged us all to do something we really dream of despite the potential obstacles. He left us with a quote. “There are those who say they can and there are those who say they can’t. Both are usually right”. Psychological strength is usually far more powerful than physical strength."

Sue Taylor, Porsche Club GB

Clients I've Worked For

  • Bank of America
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Lex Autolease
  • MBNA
  • Shop Direct
  • Nuffield
  • ACCA
  • Mersey Travel
  • Swiss Post Solutions
  • CBRE
  • Porsche Club GB

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