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About Andy Headworth

Andy Headworth is an expert on social media and and literally wrote the book on social media recruitment. He is an innovate problem solver who thrives on making audiences think differently about their own challenges. Andy is the founder of Sirona Consulting, a specialist consultancy that helps companies understand social media and integrate it into their HR and recruiting strategies. Travelling to different countries around the world, speaking and consulting, allows him to continually learn about different work factors and cultural differences that make the modern workplace such a challenge for organisations today.

A popular speaker, he has challenged audiences globally to think differently about social media, and why it is such a powerful ally in the 21st century workplace. Andy is passionate about the power of the story to engage an audience, taking them on a journey of that will both surprise and entertain them. The 850ft James Bond Bungee Jump (from Goldeneye) that he did a few years ago is a great example of a story he tells, that takes an audience over the edge and back again, encouraging people to push themselves into these uncomfortable (yet rewarding) areas of work life.

What you won’t get when you hire Andy, is a the same presentation he has delivered elsewhere. His focus is on delivering insightful and thought provoking content for his audiences, and as every single audience is different, so are his presentations. He creates unique content for each presentation he delivers, which is something he is very passionate about doing. So when you contact Andy about your event, please be clear on the type of audience they are and the expectations they have.

His latest book, Social Media Recruitment: How to successfully integrate social media into recruitment strategy, has sold well across the world, resonating with HR and Talent leaders alike. Containing many global examples of innovative recruitment methods using social media, it has already become the go-to resource for companies wishing to use social media more effectively for business.

Andy’s recognised knowledge and expertise has allowed him to successfully deliver projects, workshops and keynote speaking assignments across UK, Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA and APAC. He was named by The Huffington Post in ‘Top 100Most Social HR Leaders on Twitter’ and ’50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers on Twitter’ by EREl. He also authors an multi-award winning blog, and made a film for the BBC providing social media recruiting guidance to job seekers, wishing to embrace social media.

My Specialist Subjects

Social Media In The Workplace (New)

Social media in the workplace can be scary and confusing for many people within human resources (HR) and recruitment, mainly due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of how it works. Social media has now become mainstream in our everyday life, with thousands of social networks available to everyone across the world. Now, in 2015, it is at the point where there is probably a social network for every facet of our lives. We check them the moment we wake up, via our mobile devices, and we are never far away from all the messages, updates and tweets until we go to bed – we have all become slaves to the digital world around us.
This presentation looks at what organisations need to do to fully embrace the power of social media, and the implications of not embracing it.

How Far Behind The Modern Recruiting Curve Are You (New)

Social media has been around now for nearly ten years, and is mainstream with people of all ages. We all use multiple social networks every day to chat, talk, share pictures, keep in contact with friends, check news and events and many more other ways. Yet for some reason recruitment and HR still don’t get how useful it can be for recruiting talent – and because of this they haven’t taken the time to integrate social media into their recruitment process.

This presentation how we can stop companies need to stop doing things the way they are, just because they have always done them that way, and adopt a new ‘try something different’ approach to recruitment.

Senior Leadership Should Not Be Exempt From Social Media

Social media is mainstream and in our everyday lives, yet senior leadership teams within many companies still don't embrace it (or even understand it). This presentation looks at helping the C-Suite and Senior Leaders fully understand how social media can be a significant benefit for their company. It also looks at helping them take responsibility for their own social media activities, instead of outsourcing the task to their staff.

How To Be Effective At Social Recruiting (London)

Everyone accepts that Social Media is now a mainstream phenomenon. It’s assumed that everyone is using it, but the reality is that many organisations are still unsure how they can use social media for maximum effectiveness. This practical session will explore how you can successfully engage talent via
social media and use it to successfully source talent pipelines and drive recruitment success:

? Determine which target group to engage and communicate with

? Using suitable platforms that produce meaningful results

? Embed and blend social media within existing recruitment strategies

? Ensure buy-in from different stakeholders groups

Is Your Employer Brand Letting Your Recruitment Down (Budapest)

While social media is seen as mainstream in the media, it has still not been fully adopted by HR and recruiting departments for talent acquisition.
In this session you will learn the upsides that social media can bring to hiring, engaging and managing talent while also learning why your employer brand has become an essential part of your candidate attraction and engagement strategy.
The keynote will cover:

- Why HR has no choice but to accept social media is now part of your business, and how you can integrate it into all aspects of your talent acquisition.
- How your future employer brand and hiring success will be intrinsically linked to your social media activities, and what you can do now to improve it.
- The importance of the journey you make your candidates take to join your company and how you can immediately improve this.

The Future of Recruitment (Auckland, NZ)

The Future Of Recruitment - is one of those subjects that many recruiters choose to ignore. Analysts the world over, cite 'big data', mobility trends, 'talentism' as well as many other considerations, companies need to act upon with regards to recruitment. But I believe there is a ‘future reality gap’ for recruiters who have their ‘day job’ to do – recruiting for their clients. They are not worried about things that ‘might’ impact them next year or in three years time - they have problems on their own desks right now. Can you blame them?
However, this gap is not as big as many people think. The future of recruitment is here on our doorstep, right now. Technology is facilitating this advancement and is knocking on our doors, today! The Pareto Principle (80:20 law for recruitment) is rearing its head again (it seems to live in the recruitment world!), this time in the future of candidate sourcing, and will impact the skills needed to be a successful recruiter. The successful recruiter of tomorrow will look a whole lot different to what is sitting at recruitment desks right now.


I recently worked with Andy when he was a Speaker and Chairman at TMA's Strategic Recruitment conference. Andy has a very personable style that really engaged the audience whilst sharing high quality and thought-provoking content. He was one of the highest rated speakers from the conference and I couldn't recommend him enough if you're looking for an expert speaker on the topic of social recruiting. I look forward to the day I can work with Andy again.

Lucy Pearce

Andy is an excellent keynote and conference speaker. I have seen him present countless times at a range of recruitment and HR events. He has also spoken at our Recruitment Director events and Recruitment Industry Conferences. His knowledge of recruitment strategy, candidate attraction and content marketing strategy as well as social media technologies is unsurpassed and he delivers that knowledge in an interesting and meaningful way to his audience. Andy always goes out of his way to confound accepted views by bringing a fresh and unique perspective to any topic, along with vital statistics which an audience can really learn from. I've always been very impressed with the amount of work he puts in before each presentation or workshop and how, despite his large "back catalogue" he makes each unique. I really enjoy working with Andy and would have no hesitation in recommending him

Louise Triance

Andy helped me immensely when holding my first event ‘Recruiting through Social Media’ his help and advice allowed me to hold a great event of with I am very grateful. Andy’s ability to draw in a novice audience, and bearing in mind Andy’s outstanding knowledge he was able to explain everything in plain English allowing the audience to understand and really digest the content, this instantly won them over. Highly recommended without hesitation!

Teri Ethrington

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