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Hi, im a 50 year old very keen ultra runner, who thinks / proves that age is just a number. I have a beautiful Fiancée, a 24yr old son, two stepdaughters 14 & 18 years old & a Cockapoo called Ted. We currently live in Mansfield & I commute 120 miles to my day job as a Detective Constable in the West Mids, where I have policed for over 20 years.

I have always been a very keen athlete. I played football until about 30, then I became a road cyclist & Time Triallist. I have represented GB Police & been National Police Road Race Champion. I then moved onto Duathlon (Run/bike/run) & represented GB at Age Group European Champs on 2 occasions. Next step was Triathlon. I always like to keen pushing the boundaries (natural progression, I like to call it) so from starting at Sprint Triathlon I made my way up the distances to complete in several Ironman & a Double Ironman in Lanzarote 2012, where I finished 3rd.

As with Triathlon, when I started running I wanted to work my way up the distances. I completed several marathons & have a current PB of 2:55. Marathon ticked off, so what next….. Ultra marathons (anything longer than 26.2 miles) I have completed/ podiumed & won events up to 100 miles & in Sept 2019 in my 50th year I represented GB at Spartathlon, which is a historic event covering 153 miles from Athens to Sparta, finishing at the foot of the King Leonidas statue.  History states that in 490BC an Athenian messenger called Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta to deliver a message & ask the Spartans if they would come & help fight alongside the Greeks to prevent the Persian invasion.

I had my own message to deliver at the foot, I intended to ask my good lady Diane to marry me. I was nearly 50, working a full time job, travelling 120miles a day, fitting in running 100+ mile weeks, getting up at 3-4am to get my first run of the day in & also battling a torn shoulder, which I was waiting for surgery on. Suffering sickness & dizzy spells due to medication even during the first part of the race. Add in the 153 miles on mostly unforgiving tarmac roads & 36 degree heat & you see what you are made of.

‘Forward Relentless Motion’ anything is possible, there are no boundaires. The body is an amazing thing & we are all amazing people. ‘To climb the mountain, we must start by taking the first step’. Stepping out of our comfort zone is never easy / comfortable but the rewards can be great.

My Specialist Subjects

Sharing my Spartathon journey. Age is but a number. How anything can be overcome no matter what obstacles life throws at us. I work full time, commute 120 miles a day, have a family, torn shoulder but made time to run 100+ miles a week.
Motivate others by sharing what I have achieved and what is possible for everyone. We are all amazing people with skills, we just need to be given the confidence to step out of our comfort zone. It is the job of the brain to tell us to stop when it hurts or to stay 'safe' in our routine, as we'll feel uncomfortable to step outside it. Don't let the brain / mind rule us.

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