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About Mr. Andrew Lound MSc., BA, FBIS

Andrew has been presenting public lectures and staging exhibitions for over 40 years and has participated in over 5,000 events. He regularly tours the UK with his Odyssey Dramatic Presentations and is invited back time and again due to popular demand. He has also worked in USA and in 2005 became the first western science speaker to tour Libya following the removal of sanctions. Due to the success of this work Andrew was asked to return to Libya in 2006 and project managed a science team and public awareness team to observe the total eclipse of the Sun, promote safe observation and stage a lecture tour. Andrew is the UK National Coordinator for The Planetary Society, which is the world’s largest space group. For this organization he pioneered education techniques in science featuring telerobotics, rocket launches and live demonstrations.
He can be heard regularly on BBC Radio where he is known as “The Urban Space man” or “WM’s Titanic Expert…” His current projects include working with the California Institute of Technology JPL on promoting the Cassini Mission to Saturn and The Antoniadi Project — a space-probe to the Hellas Region on Mars. He is also developing new computer techniques for use in public lectures. Andrew is a man of many interests who specializes in space science and astronomy from both a current and historical perspective. Another main area of interest for Andrew is the Titanic. After many years of dedicated research he is now recognized as one of the worlds leading authorities on the subject. He is a former curator of the Avery Historical Museum located at the famous Soho Foundry in Smethwick

He appears regularly on Big Centre Television commenting on history matters. He also has played a number of roles in film and television. He has acted as Technical advisor to the international award winning film TITANIC LOVE.

Andrew has two books published, Lunatick Astronomy, and Life In the balance. A third book about Titanic’s Midlands Connections is due to be released in 2017.

Odyssey Dramatic Presentations featuring images, music, costume and a dramatic performance, and the most inspiration delivery on every subject.





My Specialist Subjects

Titanic The Return of A Dream

The most famous ocean liner in history must be the Titanic. In this highly acclaimed presentation the story of the ship from her conception in 1907 to rediscovery in 1985 is told in dramatic fashion. Illustrated by fabulous images with numerous effects, audio effects, music, props and a very dramatic and emotional performance. Titanic like you have never heard it before. Be prepared for the voyage of your life.
Presented in White Star Line Uniform.

Titanic the Midlands' Connections

Although the towns of Belfast and Southampton claim the Titanic as their own, over 70% of the ship’s interior was manufactured in the Midlands. Based on his own research Andrew tells the story of the Midlands’ industrial work on the ship and the fate of the local passengers. A dramatic presentation delivered in full White Star Line Uniform, using images, audio and numerous props. Climb aboard and experience the voyage of your life.
Andrew's new book on the subject due to be released in 2017.
Presented in White Star Line Uniform.

Saturn Lord of the Rings

Galileo thought it was a multiple planet, Wren, Huygens and Hevelius were fascinated by it. It was found that this giant world was less dense than water, and by the 1980s this world had the most moons known of any planet – only to lose out to Jupiter much later! It is of course Saturn. In July 2004 the Cassini/Huygens probe reached Saturn to begin several years of study of the Lord of the Rings. Andrew entertains us with the story of the observation of Saturn with a review and update on the Cassini Mission. See the latest images and hear the sound of dust hitting the spacecraft. With Moons and rings to delight the eye and stimulate the imagination, with music to inspire and enchant this is one presentation not to be missed.
Presented in Gothic Costume

To See the Beginning of Time

The Hubble Space telescope is giving humankind a view of the universe never even imagined. From dust clouds to star studded galaxies our minds have been opened to a universe that blends outstanding beauty with mind-boggling scales. Looking into deep space we are looking ever further back in time as it takes the light from the most distance objects many millions of years to reach the mirror of the Hubble. This lecture is illustrated by some of the most beautiful natural images one will ever see and is accompanied by music and high quality video. Sit back, relax and let your mind drift into the far reaches of the universe.
Presented in Gothic Costume.

Lunatick Astronomy

The Lunar Society was one of the most influential groups in the 18th century, no aspect of science and industry was overlooked at their monthly dinner parties. Although the development of the steam engine and coinage production became the main focus for Matthew Boulton, he had developed a passion for astronomy. Andrew Lound tells the story of the Lunar Society’s interests in astronomy based on new research that has revealed some surprising facts! A dramatic presentation beautifully illustrated and accompanied by music and presented with 18th century flair!
Presented in full 18th century costume.
A book detailing the full research is available.

Out of the Drakness Pluto and the Outer Worlds

Pluto’s discovery in 1930 seemed to be the epitome of planetary discovery in the solar system; yet it was just the beginning of a new era of planetary discovery. This presentation traces the history of the discovery of Pluto and the exploration of this distant world by the New Horizons spacecraft. Pluto’s position as a trans-Neptunian world is also examined. Illustrated with the latest images of Pluto, artwork and video; accompanied by music. Take an Odyssey into the darkness.
Presented in Edwardian costume.

Apollo A Moon Odyssey

President Kennedy laid down a remarkable challenge to the Soviet Union stating that “..before this decade was out..” the United States would “ a man on the Moon and return him safely to the Earth”. Andrew dramatically tells the story of the Apollo project tracing the highs and lows, the sweat and tears of the most ambitious and daring mission in history. Illustrated with images, sound, video including new HD movie segments and music.
Presented in either a NASA flightsuit, Apollo style flightsuit, or Apollo jacket.

Carpathia The Midnight Dash

Of the many stories about the Titanic one remains rarely told in detail - that is the story of Captain Rostron and the Cunard ship Carpathia that raced to the Titanic’s rescue. In a very dramatic performance Carpathia’s role in the Titanic story is relived demonstrating the incredible actions of Captain Rostron, his crew and of course Harold Cottam the radio operator who acted on the call from the Titanic. Be prepared for a presentation that will enthrall. The Titanic story told from a different perspective as only an Odyssey Lecture can tell complete with images, music, sound effects and all.
Presented in Cunard Line Uniform.

To The End of The Earth - Scott and the Antarctic

It was seen as the last great adventure, one in which it was assumed that Britain would be first. Captain Scott had set out to lead the first team to reach the South Pole. A whole nation watched and waited. It would take months for any information to reach Britain from those frozen wastes of Antarctica. The drama, the excitement and the sheer courage of those who could meet a challenge against all the odds as the whole story of the expedition is told in a very dramatic lecture. With remarkable images, awesome sound effects and a soundtrack to stir the emotion of the audience, you will feel the chill of the icy wind, feel the excitement and reel at Scott’s disappointment. Story telling at its finest.
Presented in Edwardian Costume with a change to Polar uniform.

Vulcan's temple - The Story of Soho Foundry

The names of Matthew Boulton and James Watt are synonymous with the development of the Steam Engine. In 1795 they commissioned the construction of Soho Foundry in order to build all the components of steam engines. The Soho Foundry became one of the great establishments of the industrial age building pumping engines, power engines and marine engines including the screw engine for Brunel’s ‘Great Eastern’. Over the decades the Foundry has evolved with the James Watt & Company maintaining a presence into the 20th century. In 1895 W & T Avery the great weighing machine company bought the site and transformed it. Since then the foundry has grown coping with two wars, shipping disasters and changing technology. This presentation traces a remarkable and unique history of a legendary establishment. With stunning period images and evocative music Andrew resplendent in 18th century costume relives the history of Vulcan’s Temple.

Life In The Balance

The life of William E. Hipkins Managing Director of W & T Avery Limited and the last MD of the James Watt Company based at the Soho Foundry in Smethwick near Birmingham. William was from Birmingham and a 1st class passenger on the Titanic. Based on his own research Andrew dramatically tells the rise of one of Birmingham’s great Captains of Industry and how he came to be a player in one of the world’s greatest disasters. A dramatic presentation tracing the ups and downs of an interesting life. illustrated by slides, props and music.
Presented in Edwardian costume. His book Life In the balance is also available.

Children of the Titanic

A thought provoking presentation into the youngest members of Titanic’s passengers and crew. Boys worked in all parts of the ship from the very bowls in the boiler room to the very top in first class. Many children were on board as passengers and Andrew tells their story as along with the adults they have to cope with the unfolding drama. The fate of some of the children is explored in sensitive detail. A presentation to tug at your heart illustrated with slides and accompanied by beautiful music.
Presented in White Star Uniform.

A Libyan Space Odyssey

In 2006 a team of space science educators & scientists visited Libya to work with the British Council and Libyan authorities to participate in a Solar Eclipse Public Awareness Campaign and to work with Libyan scientists to study the total solar eclipse from the Libyan Desert. Andrew Lound led the UK side of the project and presents a fascinating, funny and dramatic story of an adventure of a lifetime. Beautifully illustrated with images, accompanied by music this is an Odyssey lecture to savour.

Wilful Murder? the Sinking of the Lusitania

Warfare has always produced a number of horrendous incidents, but one remains as controversial today as it did in 1915 – the sinking of the crack Cunard liner ‘Lusitania’. In a dramatic presentation featuring music and visual effects Andrew traces the history of the ship, the circumstances of her demise and efforts to salvage the wreck. With the sinking of the Lusitania the myth of chivalrous warfare was exploded forever. A performance to remember.
Presented in Cunard Line Uniform.

Grand Tour of the Solar System

An informal guide to our Solar System taking you on a journey from the Sun to the far reaches of the Solar System and beyond visiting along the way planets, moons, asteroids and comets. Illustrated with the very latest images and supplemented with music. This is a voyage to the planets never to be forgotten.
Presented in Gothic Costume

The War of the Worlds - A History of Invasion

In 1898 H.G. Wells wrote a “Romance of Science” that became a watershed in literature. The story of an invasion from Mars shocked and thrilled Victorians. Wells did not realize that he had laid down the blue print for a century of alien invasion stories with his own story being reproduced in plays, radio plays, movies and even records. Andrew dramatic tells the history of the famous book and subsequent incarnations with video, slides and audio. Be prepared for an entertaining invasion evening!
Presented in Edwardian Costume.

The Mars Odyssey

Even a journey of 35 million miles must begin by one step, a step that will begin the Mars Odyssey. Mars has influenced numerous cultures effecting legends, religious beliefs and scientific development. Andrew Lound traces the history of Mars exploration taking us on a journey of great human tragedy, of scientific discovery and of intense debate that has changed forever our perception of the universe. More of a performance than a lecture, it is illustrated with quality images, music and numerous props! So prepare to be taken on an odyssey that will end one day with a human foot making an imprint in the Martian soil.

Britannia Sky

Contrary to popular belief, Britain has played a vital role in spaceflight history. Scientists, engineers, industry, academia and learned societies have all led the way in their respective fields. The withered hand of successive governments has hampered an independent or more dynamic British space programme. In this remarkable presentation the history of Britain in space is examined in context, with due credit being paid to those who have tried to push Britain skyward. The presentation takes us up to date with research on probes and Tim Peake’s flight. Accompanied by historic images, movie clips and music this will be a presentation to make one proud to be British and to wonder what it might actually be like when we sit under a Britannia Sky.

A Fire In the Sky

In 1908 a fireball raced through the deep blue skies of northern Russia ending with a massive explosion. Witnessed by numerous people this event became known as one of the great mysteries of the 20th century. The name Tunguska conjures up thoughts of alien spacecraft, black holes, anti-matter and fear. In this dramatic telling of the Tunguska story brought up to date with the latest research, the whole incident in investigated with rare images, video and a dramatic and entertaining performance. Will you ever feel safe again?

A Jupiter Odyssey

The largest planet in the solar system has for millennia shone brightly in the heavens. Even before the age of the telescope humankind has revered this wanderer among the stars. With the exploration of Jupiter by spacecraft the reverence has turned to awe and wonder as Jupiter’s system of rings and moons delights our curiosity. In this dramatic presentation illustrated by amazing images and dramatic music Andrew charts the history of the exploration of the king of the planets and his consorts. Prepare for a voyage that will open your mind to worlds of immense beauty. You will never look into the night sky in quite the same way again.

Venus Paradise Lost

Venus is a world that has been viewed in numerous ways, firstly as an ocean paradise, the planet of love, perhaps even two worlds one in the morning and one in the evening. Now we know it is one world - a hot corrosive world. Andy provides an entertaining history of the planet illustrated by awesome images spanning over 100 years of observation by telescope and space probe. The images are accompanied by a very special arrangement of music that envelopes the audience. Who said science isn’t romantic?!

Chariots of Fire

The Chinese used them for entertainment, Congreve as a weapon but who would have thought that the rocket held the key to reaching space? Herman Ganswindt and Konstantin Tsiolkowki did, but engineering technology was not in step with their ideas. It would take a shy American and a team of enthusiastic Germans to develop the means of reaching space. Andrew illustrates a history of the rocket expressing the ups and downs of development using rare images, video and audio. A story that will surprise many as the ‘what might have beens’ are explored.

Neptune A Calculated Guess

A chance find by a young mathematician led him to try and solve the problem of the planet Uranus’ orbit – which did not appear to follow true to Newton’s Laws. In France Urbain le Verrier also wanted to solve the mystery and thus began one of science’s greatest stories full of great excitement, discovery, rivalry, jealousy, betrayal and cooperation. Andy entertains you with the story of the discovery of Neptune a planet predicted on paper. Illustrated by beautiful images, accompanied by delightful music Andrew will take you from the discovery to the very latest images of that distant planet.

The Odyssey Of Tommy Atkins (single or Duo performances)

A truly remarkable presentation. The story of the Great War as told through the eyes of a generic British soldier—Tommy Atkins and his wife Alice (performed by Penelope Ferguson). The story is told in a series of letters from Tommy Atkins (Andrew Lound) written to his wife Alice (Penelope Ferguson). The letters and diary entries are taken from original material. Tommy is a reservist who rejoins his old regiment at the outbreak of war. The whole story is supported by period images, music, sound effects and numerous props. There is a costume change for both performers as Andrew changes from civilian to a British infantryman’s uniform, and Penelope from civilian to a VAD nurse’s uniform. It is a production that will have an emotional effect upon the audience.

A single version featuring Andrew Lound is also available .

Skywalking Living In Earth's Orbit

The dream of flying high above the Earth is as old as Humankind. In the 19th century Konstantin Tsiolkowski wrote of how people could orbit the Earth, and by the later half of the 20th century humans were doing so permanently. This stunningly illustrated presentation takes us on a journey from the ground to Earth’s orbit looking at the people and the machines and towards a future when humans will live and work in orbit for most of their lives. Illustrated with images, video, music and models.


A fantastic performance! At times we were rolling in the aisles laughing at some of the quips, at others we were deeply moved. An enthralling presentation that is by far the most professional we have seen

M.J. Gainsford Hinckley & District Astronomical Society

A stunning performance, Andrew should be on television presenting science. A very memorable experience

Jim Collins, Swansea Astronomical Society

“That is exactly how a lecture should be presented. Andrew should be paid to go into universities and teach people how to present”

Dr. Allan Chapman of Wadham College Oxford

Incredible presentation, beautiful, awe inspiring and given with authority and enthusiasm

Friends of Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

Outstanding presentation, highly professional and made one feel inspired and find work in space science! Andrew evokes almost evangelical atmosphere into his science lectures

Professor Stuart Mallin High Wycombe Astronomical Society

I was moved to tears with the beauty and splendour of the presentation. Highly Professional, incredibly beautiful

Diane Atkins, Aston & Erdington Photographic Society

Clients I've Worked For

  • Avery Weigh-Tronix
  • Alstom Transport
  • Birmingham Museums
  • BBC
  • Big Centre Television
  • Python Software
  • The Planetary Society
  • British Council
  • Johnson's Coaches
  • Bristol Astronomical Society
  • Cardiff Astronomical Society
  • Royal Aeronautical Society (Various Branches)
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Weston Super Mare Museum
  • Wolverhampton Literary and Scientific Society
  • Hull Scientific and Literary Society
  • Greyfriars Art and Science Society
  • Soho House Museum
  • Jodrell Bank Science Centre
  • Dumfries Museum
  • Glasgow Plaetarium and Science Centre
  • Boston Museum of Science (USA)
  • Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
  • Cardiff Museum and Art Gallery
  • Waterfront Museum Swansea
  • Women's Institute Warwickshire Federation
  • National Trust Warwickshire

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