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Alaska, United States
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About Alex Shapiro

Articulate, passionate and entertaining, Alex Shapiro has become a very familiar concert music composer, and in step with her success she has gained renown as an inspiring speaker.

Alex was among the earliest music professionals to use the power of the internet to build a thriving career, and is an engaging lecturer. Alex’s enthusiasm for encouraging others is spurred by positive changes she made in her own life. Growing up in Manhattan and studying composition at the Juilliard School, Alex was trained in the concert music world, but wrote jazz, theatre, and pop songs as well. Thanks to her broad musical interests, she spent the first fifteen years of her career composing for film and TV projects in Los Angeles.

In the late 1990’s Alex rediscovered her love of chamber music and made the bold choice to pursue that less likely career path full time. Her decision turned out to be a wise one: now performed and broadcast weekly across the U.S. and internationally, Alex’s award-winning, expressive music has been recorded by many artists around the world and is available on over twenty CDs. Through her example, Alex Shapiro offers a clear message that people thrive when they follow their passion.

Alex is in demand as a speaker and essayist, and is a consultant to online students from around the world. Once again defying traditional wisdom, in 2007 she moved from Los Angeles to the beautiful, remote, bridge-less San Juan Islands off the northern coast of Washington State. Thanks to the internet, Alex’s career has never been busier.

My Specialist Subjects

Finding Your Own Magic Within

Imagine you're on a relaxing cruise vacation for several days, with little or nothing to attend to in your daily business or home life. Imagine having the freedom and the time to allow your mind and heart to envision just what you would ideally want your life to look and feel like. Wait! You ARE on that cruise vacation! And you DO have the time, at this very moment. Alex will guide the audience through a fantastic journey, encouraging each person's discovery of what they would like to be when they grow up no matter how grown up they already are.

It's Okay if You Don't Like Everything

There are times in our lives when we feel obligated to enjoy something we're told is... good for us. And yet, we can't always manage to appreciate what others value so much. As much pleasure as we get from art and music, experiencing these events can be stressful or even intimidating, if we feel uninformed. Worse still, we risk feeling "not smart or sophisticated enough" if we don't seem to understand what those around us appear to love. Let Alex come to the rescue, as she shows attendees that not only is it entirely unnecessary to be educated about the arts in order to enjoy them, but it's also just fine if you don't like everything you see and hear. Alex will open up new ways of experiencing art and music that will positively change one's perspective.

The Stunning Power of Social Networks

What difference does it make if we never tweet on Twitter or show our face on Facebook? Whether in the way we broadcast breaking news around the globe in real time, or share family photos, social networks have made the world very small. Alex will illuminate the power of these tools, and teach attendees how to use them to their best advantage to bring positive experiences into one's personal and business life.

Discovering the U in You

It's never too late to reassess your interests, desires and priorities. But where to begin? If you knew what you wanted, wouldn't you already be doing it? Alex will share her unique methods for rapidly unlocking your true path, as she helps you replace the limiting word "should" with the empowering directive, "want".

Getting Unstuck

Whether it's the next symphony or the next thank you note, everyone experiences a bout of writer's block now and then. Having composed music on deadlines for over thirty years without missing a beat, Alex will share her many techniques for finding inspiration, even when it can't seem to find you.

Five Suggestions for Composing Your Happiness

Join Alex as she explores five ideas that apply not only to our careers, but to our personal happiness throughout life:

1. Reconsider the way you perceive yourself and your worth in society

2. Reject negative assumptions

3. Change your reality by changing your perceptions toward abundant and positive thinking

4. Embrace the notion that you are not in a competitive business

5. Find the spark and the joy that make you come alive

Your Vision Board

Life often presents us with opportunities in an oblique manner! Sometimes we're silently thwarted by our inability to pinpoint what it is that we really want. If we can get to the point of focusing intently on what we desire and envision, and avoid thinking rationally about exactly how it will appear, very often that vision becomes reality. Alex will guide attendees through powerful techniques for achieving their goals.

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