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About Dr Alan Potter MBA, MED, BSc


Knowledgeable, inspiring and entertaining, Alan Potter, has now taken his passion for learning into the area of long life learning. From being a teacher of science at the start, right up to being a Director of Education in London, Alan has focused on improving the life opportunities for children, young people and adults. Leaving to carry out his own research into the quality of learning, he later set up www.longlifelearning.co.uk to provide opportunities for everyone to better understand how learning through life can improve minds, support health and enhance wellbeing.

He in demand as a speaker and has delivered on topics from How the Brain Works and The History of Monopoly to Happiness in Later Life and Loving Lichenology. All are delivered with deep knowledge of the subject, a great understanding how to entertain to aid learning and a shared sense of fun. When not researching, writing articles or giving presentations, Alan is working on his book, Colour Your Mind, due for publication later this year. Having inspired children and young people all his life, he now seeks to enrich and extend the lives of those in later life who have so much to gain from learning and much to enjoy from learning too.

My Specialist Subjects

1. Discover Your Brain and Find Yourself

Despite being the most vital organ in the human body, we often know less about our brains than other parts. This talk provides a helpful and entertaining introduction to the structure and abilities of the brain while always being accessible to all members of the audience. While drawing on the latest interesting research into how we think, for many, it’s a fascinating journey into themselves.

2. Know Your Brain and Enjoy Aging

There is a widely-held misconception that as we age, our brain deteriorates from teenage years and our minds are less powerful. In this lecture, recent research is revealed to inspire listeners at all ages to think positively, not negatively, about their abilities as they mature and to better understand how they can use their own wisdom to help themselves and also the next generation.

3. Colour Your Mind and Unleash Its Power

We very rarely use all the brainpower we have available and therefore do not always fulfill our potential. This lecture will introduce listeners to a series of enjoyable and useful strategies we can practice and use to ensure we continue to enjoy developing our minds, as we get older. The many simple but effective ways to improve memory are presented so people can take them away and benefit well into the future.

4. The Five Steps to Living a Longer Life

In this lecture, we look at how the recent research into five keys aspects of life that have been shown to be associated with living longer lives. It is drawn from investigating the brains and minds of older people. By looking at how different communities from around the world live, some helpful tips are provided for everyone. It can focus on the specific countries the sections of cruisers come from.

5. Understanding Happiness and Learning to be Happy

A look at the ancient beliefs about emotions, as well as the most recent fascinating research on happiness. This lecture then goes on to show how we can use the internal power of our minds to deal with even the most troubling situations and turn real challenges into positive opportunities. It raises interesting questions such as where are our feelings and what are their relationships to memory?

6. Murder Can Save Your Life!

Thus just an engaging title I have used to a fun and fascinating session on how games help us to have better lives and can even help us to live longer. I focus on board games, tell the history of Monopoly (originating in America) and show 12 helpful features of such games, including the murder game Cluedo. It is never too late to play and enjoy games, in fact, it’s important that we do.

7. Recitation, Recitation, Recitation

In this talk we explore the power of recitation and through the use of songs and nursery rhymes, the audience explores together just how good their memories are and how they can be strengthened every day. The rhymes are tailored to different countries from Humpty Dumpty (UK) to Little Bo Peep (USA). There is a lot of good-natured and enjoyable audience participation throughout.

8. Handwriting – Its Hidden Power

This talk starts with a history of handwriting (it’s a recent development) and then looks to consider each individual’s handwriting using the art and science of graphology. Audience members analyse their own and others’ handwriting in a fascinating but good-hearted way. Finally we look at why older people would benefit more from writing letters than sending texts or emails if they wish to enrich their lives. This session can end with strangers deciding to become penpals with new-found friends.

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