See the World by Speaking on Cruise Ships

Author: Frank

Date: May 17, 2015

Cruise ships are often described as the middle ground to a floating resort and a mini city. If you enjoy travelling and want to see the world then there are a range of speaker job opportunities aboard these magnificent ship.

Travel the world as a cruise ship speaker

Categories of Speakers on Cruise Ships

  • Celebrity speakers. As a celebrity speaker you are at the top of the tree when it comes to cruise ship speaking. You will usually receive a handsome fee and have all passenger privileges. As a celebrity you will usually be allowed to bring a guest along free of charge as long as they share your cabin.
  • Guest lecturers. If you are a guest lecturer on a ship (sometimes called enrichment lecturer) you will be expected to deliver 45 minute presentations. The number of presentations depends on the length of the cruise. Your topic should be interesting and you presentation enjoyable and easily listened to. You will very rarely get paid a fee if you are a guest lecturer on a cruise ship. However your accommodation will normally be free and you can often take a guest with you. Each cruise company have different rules and regulations when it comes to guest lecturers.
  • huts in the seaPort lecturers. Quite often cruise liners employ their own port lecturers. However many will invite people who are well travelled and have a knack of engaging an audience on board to deliver presentations. You will need to have an in-depth knowledge of every port that the ship will visit on any particular cruise. You will also need to have slide presentations to deliver your talk. For your troubles you will normally receive a free cruise and will be expected to accompany some of the tours that you’re talking about.

Travel the World

This is probably the biggest perk a guest speaker can attain aboard a cruise ship. Most cruise ship companies allow you to take one guest along with you. You could be cruising near the coast of South America or could be just getting back from a trip that made it around to Rio de Janeiro to Barbados. Some people spend half their year giving talks on true ships. This works really well if you are retired or semi retired.

You Don’t Need To Work Around The Clock

woman on beach reading a bookAs a guest lecturer you will usually be required to give different presentations on your subject every day that the cruise liner is import. This can vary from anywhere from 3 or 4 days on a one-week cruise to 8 or more days on longer cruises. So when you add this up if you give 3 x 45 minute talks you are basically working 135 minutes during your one-week cruise.

You will be under the supervision of the entertainment director and for all intents and purposes you are a member of the entertainment staff for the time you’re on cruise.

Many a times, cruise ships hire more than one type of guest speaker. After all they can often have thousands of passengers who need entertained. Not all passengers want to sun themselves on deck every day and many go on cruises for the huge variety of live entertainment on board. This includes guest speakers.

Cruise companies need speakers who will talk about a variety of different topics. Of course the topics need to be relevant to the majority of passengers. Some very popular topics are historical and marine. However just about any interesting topic is considered by most of the major cruise lines.

Cruise ships also hire special interest speakers; these are the lecturers who can speak on just about any topic on earth as long as they deliver it in a fun and entertaining way.

Travel the world as a cruise ship speaker

It Is A Great Way To Promote Your Work

No matter if you are new to the public speaking industry or have been doing it for years this is to increase your following.

Most cruise ships will allow you to sell your own product. So if you have a book you have written or CDs to sell you will usually be allowed to do that. The cruise ship may take a percentage of the sale of each item sold.

Remember to give out your personal cards to your audience as they may want to book you to speak on land when they get back home. Your audience will be full of all sorts of people and some may be agents or brokers for organisations who hire speakers .

They say you should never mix work with pleasure but as a guest lecturer on a cruise ship you have the ideal opportunity to do just that.

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