Public Speaker Nigel Risner Shares His Knowledge Of The Industry

Author: Ian

Date: September 25, 2015

We had the privilege of speaking with Nigel Risner, the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year from both the Academy of Chief Executives and The Executive Committee. As a prolific speaker, respected author and television presenter, he knows what it takes to become an established speaker and he shares some of his top tips with us…

Nigel Risner’s Career


Nigel conducts more than 150 seminars and speeches a year for an enormous variety of companies. These include: ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Woolworths, Pfizer, Bayer and HBOS – as well as numerous organisations in Britain and overseas.

His career hasn’t always been in public speaking. In the past, he used to help people buy businesses through his finance company, but this was where he found his passion in the industry. But he really wanted to help these people run their company through better communication and leadership.


Nigel knows business as well as he knows life, and more importantly, he knows what it takes to lead a successful business. Unlike other speakers or consultants, he has the ability to translate – with electrifying effect – that hands on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy, which has made him one of Europe’s leading speakers and a powerful professional coach to some of the world’s leading executives.

He speaks with authority, his own life having veered perilously away from comfortable norms at times.  He has learned that positive results can come from negative experiences, and we often learn best from situations which are unfamiliar and even at times, uncomfortable.


Nigel Risner performing a motivational speech

Having spoken at over 150 conferences a year, in over 18 different countries he has plenty of experience. His services range from coaching techniques that help people reassess their lives, to open workshops – speaking with thousands about personal growth, self-development and professional success.

One of his favourite moments was speaking to an audience of 6000 delegates in L.A.

Walking on stage in front of thousands of people certainly gets your heart beating, but his goal is to make a difference to the audience. Boosting his profile as a speaking by writing four books has enabled him to be a continuous success so he can continue to deliver a message to every individual he meets.

If you aspire to have a career like Nigel’s, his advice is: “Be passionate, talk about what you know and don’t say yes to everyone!” Don’t forget your ideas and content need to be easily understood too!

Examples Of His Work

Below are quotes taken from Nigel during a peer group learning exercise:

“When we communicate we need to make an impact. I’m assuming, you’re great but I’d like to make you greater”.

“There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, provided it works. If what you’re doing in your entire life is working, please continue doing it and share with us people who are not getting our lives working, how you’ve done it”.

“If you want to make an impact, you’ve got to be passionate about what you’re doing. I’m passionate about the people I’ve got around me, and if they’re being passionate around me, I can virtually do anything.

Hopefully these quotes demonstrate Nigel’s passion and expertise as a motivational speaker, although these are just snippets of his capabilities. Visit his website to find out more of his work and attend one of his events.