Great Speakers – How to Become One

Author: Frank

Date: June 27, 2015

Listening to someone talk about a subject they are obviously passionate about can be inspiring. I am sure you have been in an audience spellbound by a speaker who has really touched a nerve somewhere deep inside you.

For whatever reason this particular speaker has inspired you and helped you understand something you hadn’t realised before.

After listening to a professional speaker you might be left wondering if you could do a similar thing. For a brief second you probably think you could then for the next hour you tell yourself a hundred different reasons why you could never get up and speak to an audience and speak in the way in which you have just heard.

Most people don’t realise that great speakers are not born great speakers. For every hours worth of actually giving a presentation there are probably fifty hours of preparation. Don’t get me wrong some people have a knack for speaking in public, it seems to come natural to them but others have to face nerves and other demons just to get themselves behind the microphone.

Learn Practice ImproveAll achievers, and that includes great public speakers, have one thing in common they practice their talks and when they think they are done practicing they practice some more.

Valorie Burton top motivational speaker and coach believes that most people can get themselves unstuck and be unstoppable in whatever they want in their life. Hard work, dedication and a determination to help people layed the groundwork for the speaking success of Tony Robbins.

What do you need to be a great public speaker?

Get yourself into the correct mind-set

If you have doubts find ways to remove them. If you like confidence, realise that by overcoming your fears you can become the speaker to be. Be confident and your confidence will spread to your audience like infectious laughter.

Learn from others

Remember what you really admired about the last public speaker that you enjoyed listening to. What was it about them that you really liked? It may have been the topic that you connected with. Or was it the speaker’s presentation style?

Connect to your audience

Most good speakers tend to make each individual in the audience, no matter how large the audience, feel that he or she is speaking to them and not to a large group of people. Again, people are not usually born with the skill, the develop it and nurture this style.

Is it time for you to believe that you could speak to audiences about a topic dear to your heart? If you have this desire but is absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving your goal.

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