Interview: Public Speaking Just Got Scary!

Author: Ian

Date: August 28, 2016

We interview many speakers from around the world who’ve had exciting and unique careers before their public speaking profession.

Trevor Marriott is high up on that list. He is the successful author of several books and now travels around the world giving audio visual lectures on many varied and interesting topics.

We questioned him on the topics he covers and appearing on TV for interview appearances.

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1. Hi Trevor, can you tell us a bit about your background and the topics you cover?

I am a retired British police murder squad detective and spent 14 years involved in the investigation of murders.

As a speaker, I offer topics related to my previous work, along with other topics which I consider to have a wider appeal and interest to the public.

2. How was your career as a British Police murder squad detective? 

My time spent as a police detective was varied and interesting; I enjoyed every moment.

3. After retiring, what inspired you to travel around the UK giving lectures?

After retiring, I carried out a cold case investigation of The Whitechapel Murders of 1888, which were attributable to a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper (his identity was never established).

That was my first public speaking topic, after publishing a book on Jack the Ripper.

I later published another book on serial killers titled The Evil Within – The World’s Worst Serial Killers. From that book, evolved two more lectures on both The UK’s and The World’s Worst Serial Killers.

Over a three-year period, I toured The UK presenting the different lectures to theatre audiences.

4. You’ve appeared on TV many times. How were the experiences?

Television interviews can be daunting simply because if they are live, you don’t always know what you are going to be asked. However, most interviewers tend to ask the same questions.

Documentaries are much easier, because if you make a mistake or fluff your lines, you can go back and do it again.

5. What type of organisations or audiences would benefit from you most?

With the wide variety of lectures I can offer, there is something for everyone.

I tend to find that student audiences are attracted to the Jack the Ripper and Serial killers lectures – as are females of all ages.

Interview: Public Speaking Just Got Scary!

6. Do you believe that everything in life falls into place?

I have a saying: “always expect the unexpected”.

7. If you could give three pieces of advice to an aspiring speaker, what would they be?

  • Learn and memorise your lecture
  • Try not read from notes. I hate to see lecturers doing this
  • Use as much visual aid as possible

8. What does your talk, ‘Jack The Ripper – The Real Truth’, consist of?

  • 140 photographs relating to the murders – many of which are original crime scene photos.
  • My assessment and evaluation of what has been relied upon as evidence from 1888.
  • Full details of the results of my cold case, re. investigation.
  • A review of the ‘prime suspects’.
  • Finally, shattering the myth that has been Jack the Ripper for 128 years.

9. What important message do you always want your audience to take away from your talks?

With my Ripper talk, I hope audiences came to the talk with their own perception on the case, and with their own suspects in mind, but then after listening to me talk, leave with a totally different perception on the case.

10. What inspires you?

I would say I am self-inspired and self-motivated.

We all need something to get us out of bed in the morning (and not just coffee), but being motivated by your own dreams and self is an important angle too.

If you just can’t handle the suspense on the Jack The Ripper myths, Trevor has an informative article on his website.

Alternatively, here are his tour dates for the Jack The Ripper talk:

Sept 16th Runcorn The Brindley Theatre  0151 907 8360
Sept 21st Barnsley Lamproom Theatre 01226  200075
Sept 29th Epsom Playhouse Theatre 01372 742555
Oct 5th Chesterfield Winding Wheel 01246 345222
Oct 18th Fareham Ferneham Hall 01329 231942
Oct 20th Llandudno Venue Cymru 01492 872000
Nov 2nd Hastings White Rock 01424 462288
Nov 9th Stowmarket  John Peel Centre 01449 774678


March 1st Camberley Camberley Theatre 01276 707600
March 2nd Basildon Towngate Theatre 01268 465465
March 9th Workington Carnegie Theatre 01900 602122
March 10th Millom Beggars Theatre 01229 775677
March 16th Blackwood Miners Institute 01495 227206
March 17th Neath Gwyn Hall 0300 3656677 www.
March 23rd Brycheiniog Theatre 01874 611622 www.
March 30th Derby Guild Hall Theatre 01332 255800
April 4th Cwmbran  Congress Theatre 01633 868239
April 20th Gravesend Woodville Hall 01474 337459
May 19/20th Enfield Dugdale Centre 0208 8076680
June 6th Bridlington Spa Theatre 01262 678258