Interview: Meet Rally Driver Penny Mallory

Author: Ian

Date: September 1, 2016

Penny Mallory is a keynote speaker who mixes presenting TV shows, motivational speaking and performance coaching.

Penny spent time as a TV precision stunt driver, playing both ‘Nicole and Papa’ in the iconic Renault Clio commercials. Her story is unique and we had the privilege to speak to her about transforming her life from the bottom up.

Here’s how you can share your personal life in a speech and inspire your audience.

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1. Hi Penny, as a Performance Coach, how do you help people to achieve their goals?

I work with people to open up their minds to possibilities.

It is something that we are not good at without being challenged externally. We get stuck in our own way of thinking, and using a coach can open up exploration of new ideas and thoughts.

This can lead to some very exciting results!

2. Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

I spent 12 years as a Rally Driver and another 15 as a TV Presenter. Now I focus on speaking and coaching. I am also passionate about design and renovating properties.

3. In your book ‘Take Control’, you talk about steering your own life. How can people do this?

People can steer their own path, but we get stuck with our own rules in our head – what we think we can do, and we forget what is possible.

4. What makes you unique compared to other speakers?

I don’t tell anyone anything (apart from my unusual story), but I provoke the audience to open their mind to all kinds of possibilities.

They always leave thinking about all the things they could do, but are not doing. I talk about turning things around, transforming ourselves and reaching limits they had never considered possible.

At 14, I left home and lived in homeless hostels. Once I had hit rock bottom, I decided to follow my childhood dream, and ended up Rallying at World Championship level. An unlikely take!

5. What inspired you to help others overcome obstacles in their life?

By turning my life around, I get a thrill from helping others do the same. It’s very rewarding to see people thrive and succeed.

6. How do you combat nerves when you’re presenting?

I don’t get nervous presenting, but I enjoy the nerves I get before I speak; it prepares me for a great performance.

7. If you could give three pieces of advice to an aspiring speaker, what would they be?

1. Craft a speech with pace and intrigue

2. Have a clear reason for your talk. What are you trying to achieve through the speech?

3. Talk less about yourself and challenge the audience to think deeply about your message

8. What was your last speech and how was the experience?

I speak regularly and every event is different and I love everyone. I meet fabulous people and visit wonderful places. It’s a great job!

9. Why should someone hire you as a speaker?

I always leave an impact on my audience. My story is unusual, but has relevance to absolutely everyone.

10. How do you stay motivated during bad times?

I am usually motivated and energised so low moments don’t happen very often, thank goodness. I have had an extraordinary life, and I never forget that.

Not everyone has a career handed to them, but a bumpy life route only makes reaching the finish line much more satisfying. Being a motivational speaker requires a unique story and determination.

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