Interview: Diane Youdale Talks TV Appearances and Inspiring Audiences

Author: Ian

Date: October 2, 2016

We got to interview speaker Diane Youdale. If you think you recognise her name, you probably do from the infamous show, Gladiators. But other than her TV appearances, Diane is a presenter/broadcaster, choreographer/creator, fitness professional, educator and psychotherapist.

She shares her experience of being on TV and how she helps to deliver inspiring talks to worldwide audiences.

Hi Diane Youdale, can you tell us about what inspired you to become a speaker?

I’m passionate about my subject and it involves everybody. Without health, we have nothing. My messages are up to date, passionate and inspiring.

How was your experience of appearing on Celebrity Juice?

A little wary, because you don’t know what Keith Lemon is going to get up to, but I’m a Psychotherapist and a Gladiator, so my internal and external strengths mean I’m armed for every situation 😉

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You are able to deliver talks inspiring a team. What are some of your key points for this speech?

Getting a grip of the personal responsibility you have for your own life and understanding this then affects others (known as the ripple effect – ecology).

I teach that you must have an open mind for further learning and overcome obstacles in adversity to grow. The greatest lessons are normally found when we are challenged.

Who was your latest talk for and how did the experience go?

My latest talk was for Retiring Police Personnel. It was an incredible experience with an atmosphere filled with great enthusiasm. Yet, there was uncertainty in the room for new beginnings and transitions for the audience.

Much of the health and fitness information was very relevant to the stress and demands of their role. The audience found this particularly helpful.

What makes you stand out from other speakers?

Not many people can say they have ‘Gladiated’ (who are still alive!) and stood in front of 11 million viewers in two pieces of lycra!

As a Psychotherapist and Coach, what are some problems you see people facing in their working life?

Striking a life balance, stress management and resolving complications that come up from certain relationships (whether that’s private or professional).

You spend your life inspiring others. What inspires you?

I’m blessed to have met many people who are kind, talented beyond words, humble and beautifully simple with respect for the little things that make the big differences to others.

What’s your favourite part of public speaking?

I get excited to meet and share my knowledge and experiences to positively impact people’s lives.

As you have strong knowledge of fitness and nutrition, what do we need to be doing more and less of?

Eat more alkalising foods such as greens, almonds, avocado and high water-content foods. Consume less carbohydrates in your diet because we seem to be overfed on carbs.

Use the term ‘dieting’ less; food is for enjoying, so switch your approach to eating more of the right foods for your body type. More healthy fats and proteins for breakfast is a good starting point.

The body is designed to move and function, so just look for where you can fit movement, stretching or activity into your daily regime and it will pay dividends.

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Do you have any upcoming events?

My diary is fairly busy with seminars every week throughout the UK for the next six months, but most of them are corporate partners. I love the continual variation of the audiences.

It’s interesting that Diane mentions speaking in front of a variety of audiences, because no matter how much you know about your subject area, you will have to tweak it to suit different people. But that’s what makes public speaking so exciting.

As you can see, Diane’s worked hard prior to her speaking career to build up a highly-respected portfolio. Ensure that you have had a fulfilling career to expand your speaking horizons too.

Here’s Diane’s showreel to give you a taste of her in action.