Inspirational Speeches To Change Your Life

Author: Ian

Date: May 13, 2016

If you’re in need of energerising your life and/or looking for a way to spark some motivation, we have exactly what you need.

In reality, nobody leads the perfect life. No matter how happy they are, there is always one thing (if not a list a mountain tall) they’d like to change about their lives.

Healthy habits can change your life, but an uplifting speech can bring up your mood in merely a few minutes. So we’ve found the most inspirational speeches available on the Internet to make you feel better about your life.

Do The Impossible

Motivational speaker Croix Sather talks about achieving the impossible with his very real example of running a marathon and a keynote speech each day for 100 consecutive days.

Overcoming Hopelessness

In this video, Nick Vujicic talks about willpower being the driving force for making our big dreams come true, and how if we don’t get a miracle in life, we can always be a miracle to someone else.

How To Know Your Life Purpose In Five Minutes

Adam Leipzig talks about meeting up with old friends and discovering that 80 percent of them were unhappy with their lives – despite being financially well off, having families and houses.

How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Mel Robbins discusses how getting what you want out of life is simple. Living in the most amazing time in the world, we have resources to any information we want, so why aren’t we living our dreams?

The Surprising Secret To Speaking With Confidence

In this video, Caroline Goyder discusses how confidence lies within us and not externally. Caroline goes into depth about how what’s within you is the key to a relaxed, confident power.

Want To Sound Like A Leader? Start By Saying Your Name Right

Dr. Laura Sicola shows how your vocal delivery influences how your message is received, and how to use it to your advantage. Her speech focuses on using your voice to express what you want and how you feel.

The First 20 Hours – How To Learn Anything

Josh Kaufman shares how having his first child inspired him to approach learning in a whole new way. He questions the ability we have to start something new and reach to the top.

So there are seven inspirational speeches we’ve phished out from the many amazing videos available to us on YouTube. If you’re having a bad day, month or going through a rough moment in your life, regain focus with these videos.

Which one was your favourite to watch? Or do you another speech we haven’t listed here which helps to pick you up? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter to keep the discussion going.